Pectus Excavatum Story

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No one said it was supposed to be a cute treatment Throughout the summer heading into sophomore year, I managed sizable self-confidence and fearlessness, completely prepared to handle the pectus excavatum surgery, chew the bullet, and march forward with my … Read More

Top 4 Pectus Excavatum Causes

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The exact pectus excavatum causes are still not completely figured out yet. Health professionals and scientists are working hard to find out what causes this common chest deformity and what can be done for future prevention. However, thank to these … Read More

Pectus Excavatum Surgery Repair

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Quick Facts Regarding Pectus Excavatum Surgery Fix – The Pectus Excavatum surgery is meant to fix the form of the bone in the center of the chest area – the sternum or breastbone, so that the lungs and the heart aren’t compressed … Read More

Pectus Excavatum Symptoms

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Patients with the pectus excavatum condition can have many different symptoms. The pectus excavatum symptoms often vary in severity and their effect on the patient’s daily activities. The severity of the defect does not necessarily correlate with the severity of … Read More