LaceIT Pectus Excavatum Brace Review

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The LaceIT Pectus Excavatum Brace is a perfect option of those who suffer mildly from pectus excavatum, like I did. You will be amazed by the amount of confidence boost it gives you once you wear it.

My old posture brace that I purchased from my local orthopedic store started to rip at the armpits after one month of frequent use. I looked for a new brace and I’ve done extensive research on the best pectus excavatum braces out there.

The one that caught my eye was the LaceIt Pectus Excavatum brace, which stood above them all.

I bought it and after six months, I’ve liked it so much that I decided to share my experience with you.


Most of the pectus excavatum braces out on the market lack a proper fit. The Bi-Pull closing system is not some elastic gimmick. The system allows every pectus excavatum patient to take control of their individual condition, thanks to the straps on the sides.

The custom pressure provided helps reshape the construction of your chest bones with daily use, which perfectly treats your pectus excavatum and flared ribs deformity.

The best thing about the Bi-Pull system is that you can modify the pressure applied. The more pressure you apply, the better this pectus excavatum brace works.


A special kind of foam provides excellent airflow in all areas covered by the brace, unlike most of the other braces on the market, which are seriously lacking in this regard.

With its proper airflow, the LaceIT pectus excavatum brace becomes like a second skin that fixes the pectus excavatum deformity.

For best results you should use this pectus excavatum brace daily, but don’t worry, because thanks to its Mesh Foam design you will hardly notice it’s there


  • Adjustable and lighweight Pectus Excavatum brace
  • Mesh Foam Design provides circumferential airflow
  • Bi-Pull Multi-Plane Closing System patented design amplifies patient closing strength
  • Fabric fastener closure in front for easy donning and doffing
  • LaceIT PE is property of Advanced Orthotic Designs and protected by patent


I found 24 customer reviews at the time of writing, and most of them awarded the LaceIT pectus excavatum brace 4.5 stars out of possible 5. The customers reviews are mostly positive but there are a few points that every costumer should know.

Getting my dollar’s worth

“LaceIT pectus excavatum brace has worked exactly how I expected. It is made of a soft material that doesn’t scratch or itch you when worn throughout the day. When I wear it, I hardly ever take notice of it. It’s almost as if I wasn’t wearing one to begin with.”

This brace is very comfortable and has really helped him!

“I bought this brace for my son to correct his pectus excavatum deformity. The LaceIT pectus excavatum brace is very comfortable and has really helped him! In just 2 months of frequent use, the doctor said that his pectus excavatum deformity improved by 70% without surgery! He is able to slip it on and off by himself. He said that it felt like a backpack and really didn’t bother him. Great product!”

Worth every single penny

“LaceIT pectus excavatum brace one is by far the most comfortable – but after a few hours, you will really want to take it off. I think the reality is that, whenever you are trying to tell your ligaments, bones, tendons and muscles to go where they don’t naturally go, your body is eventually going to rebel! This one is VERY adjustable so you can increase the pressure it gives, and modify it’s shape to form around your body. It WORKS and I strongly recommend this product!”


The LaceIT pectus excavatum brace is my top choice for pectus excavatum fix. It is designed specifically to deal with this deformity. It’s well made, durable and most of the costumers were extremely satisfied with their purchase and recommend this brace to others.

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