Fix Pectus Excavatum Without a Surgery

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Pectus Excavatum Story
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No one said it was supposed to be a cute treatment Throughout the summer heading into sophomore year, I managed sizable self-confidence and fearlessness, completely prepared to handle the pectus excavatum surgery, chew the bullet, and march forward with my … Read More

Fix The Condition with Pectus Excavatum Yoga
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What is Pectus Excavatum Yoga Yoga, which means self-discipline, was developed in the year 3 hundred by an Indian Hindu named Patanjali. Its purpose is to stretch out the muscles, strengthen the body and enhance your attention. It can also … Read More

How Concave Chest Affects Your Body Image
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Concave chest otherwise known as pectus excavatum often includes bad physique looks. It’s really difficult to have a so-called condition. Bad body looks have been connected to low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, diminished mental performance, disordered eating, etc. It is definitely much … Read More

17 Celebrities with Pectus Excavatum
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We live in a world where we idolize many celebrities. We either try to behave like them, or are amazed by their appearances and everyday lives. Not all celebrities are perfect Many of them decide to show their flaws. The … Read More

Top 4 Pectus Excavatum Causes
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The exact pectus excavatum causes are still not completely figured out yet. Health professionals and scientists are working hard to find out what causes this common chest deformity and what can be done for future prevention. However, thank to these … Read More

Psychological Benefits of Pectus Excavatum Exercises
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What is aerobic exercise? According to the definition from the Global Healing Centers website, “Aerobic exercise is a type of movement such as running or cycling that gets your heart pumping faster and increases your oxygen intake.” Fine examples of aerobic … Read More

Self Confidence
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Sometimes people with the pectus excavatum condition suffer low self confidence. Self-confidence is an important key to success in any walk of life. People with self-confidence are noticed more. They achieve their goals relatively easily. In contrast, people who lack … Read More

Does Pectus Excavatum Cause Shortness of Breath?
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Pectus excavatum shortness of breath has numerous causes impacting both the breathing passages and lungs or the heart or blood vessels. A typical 150-pound (70 kilogram) adult will breath at an average rate of 14 breaths per minute when relaxed. … Read More

How Common Is Pectus Excavatum Pain?
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The exact cause of pectus excavatum pain explained The Answer: Not all people suffering from the pectus excavatum condition experience pain. However, in some severe cases it is very common. Pectus Excavatum and Pectus Carinatum are commonly associated with scoliosis. … Read More

Social Anxiety and Pectus Excavatum
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Suffering from pectus excavatum can be isolating Others around you probably don’t have it and they don’t get what it’s like. Sometimes even nurses and therapists have never heard of pectus excavatum. Luckily, pectus excavatum is generally hidden beneath clothing, … Read More

Pectus Excavatum Swimming
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How to treat pectus excavatum with swimming Swimming is one of the healthiest and cheapest activities that you could possibly do. It is a minimal-impact activity, which means that it doesn’t harm your bones or joints in any way like the … Read More

Pectus Excavatum Surgery Repair
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Quick Facts Regarding Pectus Excavatum Surgery Fix – The Pectus Excavatum surgery is meant to fix the form of the bone in the center of the chest area – the sternum or breastbone, so that the lungs and the heart aren’t compressed … Read More