Mihail Veleski

Vacuum Bell Therapy for Adults in 2022, Is It Effective?

Correction of pectus excavatum for adult patients with vacuum bell therapy is possible. This is backed by science. Doctors believe adults have an advantage over teenagers, mainly because their ribcage is firmer and more stable. The adult sternum doesn’t fall back into a hollow position as fast. What Research Says A 2006 study reported that pediatric patients … Read more

13 Possible Vacuum Bell Therapy Side Effects in 2022, Is It Safe?

Generally, the vacuum bell therapy for pectus excavatum is considered very safe. Over the years, just a few problems have been reported. Comparatively, the extensive use of Nuss procedures for correcting sunken chests raised the frequency of surgical complications.  Plenty of studies reported increasing rates of near-fatal complications. Surgeries can cause injuries to the heart and mammary vessels. Because … Read more

Vacuum Bell History, Full 1974-2022 Timeline

The vacuum bell treatment of pectus excavatum has a long history. Applying a vacuum to lift the sunken sternum was used more than a century ago. In Europe, the idea of a vacuum device to repair the concave chest deformity has been discussed for many years. However, technology always trailed behind., Pediatrician Lewis Spitz and the Munich … Read more

Vacuum Bell Prices: 2022 Updated + Shipping Costs & More

As of May 2022, the vacuum bell price starts from around $400. Depending on your location and doctor’s appointment costs, additional shipping and VAT costs may exist. This article will list all vacuum bell manufacturers‘ prices and shipping costs. Eckart Klobe Vacuum Bell Price The Eckart Klobe’s vacuum bell is priced at 615.15 Euros, with … Read more

PoTS and Pectus Excavatum in 2022, Causes, Treatment, Symptoms + Can Surgery Help?

Many people with pectus excavatum develop PoTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) symptoms but are undiagnosed probably because of the chest deformity. The deformity can mask PoTS symptoms. Most people with PoTS hate the feeling of being lightheaded, tired, and having heart palpitations frequently. They want to undergo Nuss hoping it will fix their sunken chest … Read more