Bra for Pectus Excavatum – 10 Types to Choose From & More

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Bras for Pectus Excavatum – Ultimate Guide

Like males, pectus excavatum in females is also characterized by a deep depression of the sternum in the anterior thoracic wall. In simple terms, it is a deformity in which the breastbone is sunken into the chest.

Pectus excavatum leaves a deep hole into the center of the women’s chest. This is usually noticeable after birth. But, the severity of the deformity typically worsens during the adolescent period.

Women with pectus excavatum must be careful when choosing a bra. The right bra should make you feel confident and beautiful in your own body.

I will talk about the best types of bra for pectus excavatum, what size, material, and price you should consider. Still, it appears to be a bit easier on women’s mental well being because of bras, which can cover the deformity.

Bras Can Save Women’s Mental Health

Also called concave chest, pectus excavatum is more frequent in men than in women. Severe cases of pectus excavatum cause critical problems with the heart and lungs.

But even mild cases of pectus excavatum can make people feel self-conscious about their looks. Females who have pectus excavatum also tend to have an abnormal posture with flared ribs.

This makes most women awkward in their skin. If you have this deformity, it’s typical to deal with self-esteem problems. You may avoid your activities, such as swimming because it is challenging to camouflage the deformity.

You may also have “broken” mental health problems, which makes your personal life even more challenging. These problems are more typical in men.

But, women have them too. Still, it appears to be a bit easier for women simply because of bras, which can cover the deformity. You need to know that this deformity is a common thing. The most useful step is to accept yourself.


Bra have the power to hide the pectus excavatum deformity in woman. That puts woman at a great advantage over men, when it comes to hiding the deformity.

How to Choose the Perfect One

The next step is picking the right bra. A bra is a great way to help you with your pectus excavatum deformity and with your total mental and physical well-being.

If you deal with pectus excavatum, you may feel that your breasts are smaller than they are because of the dent. That can make you look pretty flat-chested. With a special bra, these problems can be solved. But, there are lots of difficulties with bra fitting.

Bra is Very Important

A comfortable and high-quality bra is hard to find. To most ladies with chest deformity, a bra is an essential piece of clothing. The bra can define the shape of the breast and change the overall visual impression of the body.

As much as a great fitting bra can change the shape of a breast, the wrongly chosen one can destroy the whole picture.

Stop Wearing the Wrong One

Wearing a wrong bra can take a toll on your physical health. Ill-fitting straps and wires can irritate your skin. Wearing a bra without adequate support can damage your posture and cause pain in your neck, back, and shoulders.

It is common for an uncomfortable bra to discourage women from doing physical activities. Your bra also affects how well your outfits suit your body, which also helps with a better covering of the pectus excavatum deformity.

Depending on the fit, a bra can make you feel great about your look, or leave you feeling more insecure. The bra should match your breast shape and type.

There are a full range of different models that are designed for different breast types. If you want to hide your deformity well, you need to know how to pick the right bra that meets all criteria.


Choosing the right bra can be very difficult if you have a funnel chest. The right bra should provide support and shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear.

8 Tips to Buy the Proper Bra for Pectus Excavatum

  • Center cut: make sure the panel connecting the two cups is even to the chest
  • It should lie flat on your breastbone, with no gaps or spaces
  • Band: the band should be parallel to the ground, not seesawing when you bend over
  • Cups: the underwire should surround your breasts.
  • Tissue escaping the cup is an indication that the fit is off
  • Try out many brands and models
  • Try a bra that doesn’t have very hard underwires
  • Know your size

How to Know Your Right Bra Size

  • Measure your band
  • Wear a non-push-up bra, so your breasts are as close to natural as possible
  • Place the meter directly under your breasts
  • Make sure it’s parallel with the bottom of the bra band
  • Now measure your bust
  • Place the tape at the fullest part of your bust
  • Make sure it’s parallel to your band again
  • Deduct the band size from your bust size to discover the right cup size
  • Every inch equals one cup size up

It is essential to measure while standing straight, with arms to the side. The size of the bra is symbolized by a letter, usually, from A to D. There are two methods of bra sizing, the classic method and the new method.

  • Classic Method: Bra brands that cater to A through D cups
  • New Method: Bra brands specializing in DD and above

When you are choosing a bra, it’s necessary to gently press the underwire against the chest wall to make sure the cup holds the breasts.

A tiny cup will look like it fits but leaves the breast hanging underneath the wire. If the cup overflows when pressed in, it will be uncomfortable and will push the breast tissue.

The underwire should lie as flat as possible against the ribcage. If the underwire doesn’t lie flat, the bra will look large in the middle.

Your bra should be comfortable, with adaptive shoulder straps that support your chest shape without strain and pressure on your shoulders.

Some bras have padded straps for more comfort and support. Look for a bra made from highly sensitive materials, such as cotton, designed to fit perfectly.

The baskets should follow the shape of the breast to secure their perfect position. Elastic edges add even more security and comfort.


Pay special attention to the given criteria above. That’s how you choose a suitable bra for your body structure.

10 Types of Bra

Choose your bra depending on your deformation stage and chest concavity.

Here are ten bra types that can help you cover the hole.

1.High-Neck Bra

This type of bra has a fabric that covers the whole chest. With this bra, you get full coverage, so that some ladies wear them alone as part of the outfit.

By hagging your breasts with all the coverage, the high-neck bra can give you a high level of support. This bra usually doesn’t have molded cups. The high-neck bra is best if you have unevenness or asymmetry of the breasts.

2. Longline bra

Covers the same area that a crop top would. This bra has a cup up top and fabric that extends as far as past the belly button below.

The longline bra gives your body an even look. This bra will provide you with upper-body coverage even beyond your bust. Longline bras are super supportive, bringing extra support to the rest of your torso.

3. Bra without underwire

These bras are practical and straightforward models suitable for every day use. On the aesthetic side, they represent wonderful models.

The unwritten rule is that these kinds of bras are designed for smaller breasts that don’t require significant support or shaping. This bra has no filling, it rests well on the skin, but the baskets are quite thin and soft.

They do not give a lot of shape to the breasts. However, they are comfortable to wear.

4. Classic underwire bra

These bra baskets, with or without filling, give the breasts fullness and shape. Baskets like this are more stable and more defined than those without underwire. For better strength and stability, the straps of this bra are often slightly coted.

5. Push up bra

This bra is great for women who want to highlight their décolletage, regardless of breast size. This bra type lifts the breasts firmly and supports them visually.

6. The specific shape (balconette bra)

It has a specific shape with a flat cut, so the basket looks halved. It is a very feminine model without the push-up effect. Designed in the 1930s, the balconette bra was introduced into the mainstream world in the 1950s by Merlin Monroe.

The inspiration for the design was from the highly popular corsets. The balcony bra is their mini version. It lifts your breasts and creates a very natural appearance.

7. Sports bra

Comfortable sports bra are one of those must-have bra models. Any physical activity would be much more comfortable. It is simple in shape and comes with wide straps, which give you more comfort.

This type of comfy bra is made of cotton and other natural materials that are especially pleasing to the skin and provide an excellent aesthetic effect.

8. Nursing bra

The baskets must be easily and quickly removed when breastfeeding. The material has to be of a good quality, and be comfortable for the mother.

These bras are specially designed so there is no way they can harm the breasts. The full lining and elastic material give all the support and firmness needed before, during, and after breastfeeding.

Most nursing bras provide full coverage. The nursing bras are designed not only for mothers but, also to fully support any women’s breasts that are changing in size.

9. Padded bra

They have a material added to the cups, which helps your breasts look fuller. A padded bra can add fullness to a smaller bust, and add a flat shape to breasts that are far apart.

Bras for young girls

Bras for young girls should have soft, and skin-friendly materials. They have no underwire and generally not well-defined baskets.

These are helpful during the adolescent period when their breasts are still growing. During that time they don’t need a complete support of a bra.

10. Bandeau

A bandeau is a teeny tube top. It doesn’t have straps, cups, or hooks, giving you a comfy and casual feel.A bandeau completely covers your breasts. This bra offers small support, just enough to keep your breasts in place.


Choose the bra you think you’ll look good into. There are 10 types of bra that have different shape. Some of them will hide the deformity better than others.

Should You Buy an Expensive Bra?

The price of bras is a tricky topic. Not often a more expensive bra is a better bra. First of all, you need to try different brands and types of bras to see what is best for you.

Read the reviews, and ask about the opinions of women who deal with the pectus excavatum deformity. Inform yourself about what others wear and recommend.

Don’t be ashamed of your problem. Exchange your experiences with other women. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on a bra that doesn’t work for you, and doesn’t suit your body shape perfectly.

Do not fall into trends

Bras from high-end brands with lace and bling, are pretty, but they also may be costly. Before you add them to your collection, make sure that you like the style and the way they fit.

Sometimes, buying some classic pieces in black, white, or nude are a better option. Comfortable bras are the best for your condition.

Do not spend extra money on something with bad quality

With time, your bras will change their original shape. They will stretch out and will no longer do its job of keeping you comfortable and supported.

Hand-wash your bra when you can. That is a tip for extending the life of your bra. It may not sound like the most practical option, but it can help.


Sometimes an expensive bra can be a bad bra. The materials should be comfortable enough and shouldn’t irritate your skin. Please don’t fall in love with the latest trends.


If a proper bra costs more than a wrong-fitting one, it’s a better deal to buy a few higher-end bras every couple of years, rather than buying ones that will worsen your situation.

A right fitting bra that covers your concave chest can make you more comfortable in your skin. However, keep in mind that you’re still beautiful, despite your abnormalities.

Learn to love yourself. Most girls with an inverted chest are shy of their bodies. They tend to hide their sternum from everybody.

Don’t use the bra to fill a gap in your confidence. It is just a piece of clothing that will make you feel better.

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