Vacuum Bell Therapy and Bodybuilding in 2022: Exercises, Discipline & More

Weightlifting can support vacuum bell therapy by strengthening the weak back muscles responsible for proper posture. It is essential to focus on proper technique to reap the maximal postural benefit of the exercises while limiting the risk of injury. Mr. Eckart Klobe himself recommends exercising to support the vacuum bell therapy. In this article, I … Read more

Vacuum Bell Therapy for Kids in 2022, Ideal Age, Benefits, Tips & More

Vacuum bell therapy for children can help them avoid surgery. Even though it may be annoying for children at some point, there are a lot of benefits of choosing this non-surgical treatment over surgery.  Doctors believe that both children and adults have advantages and disadvantages to VB therapy. This article will write about everything you need … Read more

Vacuum Bell Therapy for Adults in 2022, Is It Effective?

Correction of pectus excavatum for adult patients with vacuum bell therapy is possible. This is backed by science. Doctors believe that adults have an advantage over teenagers, mainly because their ribcage is firmer and more stable. The adult sternum doesn’t fall back into a hollow position as fast. What Research Says A 2006 study reported that pediatric … Read more

13 Possible Vacuum Bell Therapy Side Effects in 2022, Is It Safe?

Generally, the vacuum bell therapy for pectus excavatum is considered very safe. Over the years, just a few problems have been reported. Comparatively, the extensive use of Nuss procedures for correcting sunken chests raised the frequency of surgical complications.  Plenty of studies reported increasing rates of near-fatal complications. Surgeries can cause injuries to the heart and mammary vessels. Because … Read more

Vacuum Bell History, Full 1974-2022 Timeline

The vacuum bell treatment of pectus excavatum has a long history. Applying a vacuum to lift the sunken sternum was first used more than a century ago. In Europe, the idea of a vacuum device to repair the concave chest deformity has been discussed for many years. However, the technology always trailed behind., Pediatrician Lewis Spitz and … Read more

Top 5 Vacuum Bell Manufacturers in 2022, Where to Buy, Tips, Scams & More

Purchasing a vacuum bell can be confusing because there are many mixed reviews online. There used to be a lot of scammy websites selling poorly made vacuum bells. Luckily, those websites and sellers are deleted, probably because customers reported them due to negative experiences. As of May 2022, two trustworthy vacuum bell manufacturers build excellent … Read more

10 Benefits of Vacuum Bell Therapy vs Nuss Procedure in 2022 & More

There are plenty of advantages of vacuum bell therapy over pectus excavatum surgery. These advantages are enough for patients to choose this non-surgical treatment over minimally invasive procedures, especially if the deformity is mild or moderate. List of Advantages Therapy is non-surgical Less restrictive Fewer side effects Freedom of patient to determine the intensity of … Read more

PoTS and Pectus Excavatum in 2022, Causes, Treatment, Symptoms + Can Surgery Help?

Many people with pectus excavatum develop PoTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) symptoms but are undiagnosed probably because of the chest deformity. The deformity can mask POTS symptoms.  Most people with PoTS hate the feeling of being lightheaded, tired, and having heart palpitations frequently. They want to undergo Nuss hoping it will fix their sunken chest … Read more