Can Pectus Excavatum Cause Excessive Burping & Hiccups? Tips & More

This pectus excavatum abnormality can cause plenty of issues in everyday life. Frequent burping and hiccups are some of the few annoying problems that can occur. This can be a very frustrating problem, leaving an unpleasant impression when you least expect it. Such tendencies are frequently uncontrollable. Because this can be frequent, I decided to … Read more

Shoulder Impingement and Pectus Excavatum in 2022, Top 8 Exercises & More

Shoulder pain and impingement are widespread and affect many of us with pectus excavatum deformity. All shoulder pain doesn’t come from trauma only, but it is often impingement. I will share several exercises recommended in Dr. Kirsch’s book “Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention”.  Dr. Kirsch was a shoulder surgeon and knew what he talked about. These … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Nutrition in 2022 – 4 Basics, Tips, Importance & More

Unfortunately, there is no scientific information about whether diets and dietary changes can help correct pectus excavatum. The concave chest deformity is not a problem caused by diet.  Also, it is not proven anywhere that pectus excavatum patients are predisposed to eating disorders. Because of this, a change in diet is not that relevant here.  … Read more