Pectus Excavatum Breast Implants – Is Plastic Surgery Healthy?

pectus excavatum implant

Pectus Excavatum Breast Implants In this day and age, plastic surgery for correcting pectus excavatum is widely accepted. The enhanced quality of the embedding silicone material makes this type of surgery very convenient and effective. The more significant part of adult pectus excavatum sufferers mostly complain about the visible dent in their sternum and not the … Read more

Pectus Excavatum in Woman – 3 Simple Ways to Fix & More

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Pectus Excavatum In Women The deficit of web publications for pectus excavatum in women was the biggest motivation for me to write this. I stumbled upon lots of women who suffered from the deformity and were looking for information online. Probably the main reason why there is a lack of information is because science says pectus … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Problems Later in Life – Repair It Immediately!

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Pectus Excavatum Causes Problems Later in Life In a 2012 interview for a German daily newspaper, Dr. Klaus Schaarschmidt explained: “If left uncorrected, the life expectancy of people with pectus excavatum is nearly ten years lower“. He is the chief surgeon at the pediatric operation hospital at the Helios Clinic in Berlin-Buch. According to, Dr. … Read more

Pectus Excavatum in Dogs – 6 Treatment Options, Causes & More

What Is Pectus Excavatum in Dogs? The most frequent chest deformity in dogs is pectus excavatum. It is otherwise known as funnel chest. It is a genetic abnormality of the breastbone and the costochondral cartilages creating narrowing of the thorax and indentation of the sternum. These deformations can compress the heart and lungs, lessening pulmonary … Read more

Pectus Excavatum in Cats – Treatment, Surgery Cost & More

Pectus Excavatum Deformity in Cats The pectus excavatum deformity is also present in cats. You can see the indentation typically within a few days after birth. At the time of this writing, there is still a lack of data to determine the racial or sexual inclination of pectus excavatum deformity in kittens. Also, it can occur … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Running – Everything You Need to Know

Running with Pectus Excavatum As the saying goes, “as natural as breathing” doesn’t always apply if you’re a runner with pectus excavatum. Anyone who is a fan of running but suffers from hereditary pectus excavatum knows that it can be hard to inhale enough oxygen to fulfill the need their body is requesting. If the … Read more

62 Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum in 2022 – List of Actors, Musicians, Athletes, Fighters & More

In this article, you can see a list of 62 celebrities with pectus excavatum that aren’t ashamed of their body appearance. If you have a sunken chest, make it a habit to observe how these famous people carry themselves in the world, despite their abnormalities. Please watch the movies, concerts or sports games they play … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Psychological Effect & Why You Should Worry

Pectus Excavatum Psychological

Psychological Effects of Pectus Excavatum Up until lately, very little was known about the negative psychological consequences of pectus excavatum. Recent studies have revealed that you shouldn’t oversee these harmful mental effects. They must be treated with the same intensity as the physical symptoms. Back in the days, pectus excavatum was examined only as a … Read more

Self Confidence

Pectus Excavatum and Confidence People with the pectus excavatum deformity often suffer from low levels of self-confidence. Boldness is an essential key to success in any area of life. People with a high-level of confidence can be recognized from a mile away, mostly by the way they carry themselves in the world. Science has proven that … Read more

Can Pectus Excavatum Cause Shortness of Breath?

Pectus Excavatum and Shortness of Breath Pectus excavatum related symptoms like shortness of breath and exercise intolerance have referred to the deformity from the start. Johann Bauhin recorded the first patient with pectus excavatum in the late 1500s in Spain. He said that the patient had exercise intolerance and shortness of breath. Five hundred years later, … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Swimming

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How to Treat Pectus Excavatum with Swimming Swimming is one of the healthiest and cheapest activities you can do to improve the deformity. It is a minimal-impact way of exercise, which means that it is gentle on the bones and joints. Other types of exercises can be harsh on your joints, especially in the adult … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Symptoms

Pectus Excavatum Symptoms Pectus excavatum symptoms can be classified into two categories. Psysical Psychological The physical signs are much more apparent. All you need to do is take your shirt off and look at the bone construction of your chest. That’s where you can see most of the physical indicators. These exist in every single … Read more

Pilates for Pectus Excavatum

Flared Ribs Pectus Excavatum Pilates

Is Pilates Useful in Fixing Pectus Excavatum? Pilates is a great way to treat flared ribs by strengthening the core, and making pectus excavatum less noticeable by strenghtening the chest muscles. Most people know it as a type of workout that strengthens the abs. However, it doesn’t only target the abdominal muscles. It is a full-body … Read more

Top 10 Pectus Excavatum Exercises in 2022, Mistakes, Tips & More

Pectus Excavatum Exercises

Strength training offers a lot of benefits for individuals with pectus excavatum. It can have a dramatic impact on our appearance and performance. However, please don’t confuse this with correcting the deformity itself.  Strength training alone won’t decrease the depth of the deformation and won’t lower the Haller Index.  Makes Pectus Excavatum Less Obvious Developing … Read more