Pectus Excavatum Success Story – 13 Valuable Lessons & More

Pectus Excavatum Story

PECTUS EXCAVATUM INTERVIEW WITH A PATIENT Today I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Edward Peterson. He has undergone a Nuss procedure and corrected his pectus excavatum deformity with it. Ed is just an actual guy that I personally know. Now he is living his sunken chest free life to the fullest. … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Psychological Effect & Why You Should Worry

Pectus Excavatum Psychological

Psychological Effects of Pectus Excavatum Up until lately, very little was known about the negative psychological consequences of pectus excavatum. Recent studies have revealed that you shouldn’t oversee these harmful mental effects. They must be treated with the same intensity as the physical symptoms. Back in the days, pectus excavatum was examined only as a … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Symptoms

Pectus Excavatum Symptoms Pectus excavatum symptoms can be classified into two categories. Psysical Psychological The physical signs are much more apparent. All you need to do is take your shirt off and look at the bone construction of your chest. That’s where you can see most of the physical indicators. These exist in every single … Read more

Pilates for Pectus Excavatum

Flared Ribs Pectus Excavatum Pilates

Is Pilates Useful in Fixing Pectus Excavatum? Pilates is a great way to treat flared ribs by strengthening the core, and making pectus excavatum less noticeable by strenghtening the chest muscles. Most people know it as a type of workout that strengthens the abs. However, it doesn’t only target the abdominal muscles. It is a full-body … Read more

Top 11 Pectus Excavatum Exercises in 2020 + Full Workout Plan

Pectus Excavatum Exercises

We shouldn’t underestimate the difficulty of improving the deformity with the help of exercises specialized for pectus excavatum. First and foremost, pectus excavatum and protruding ribs are structural deformities of the chest. That can’t be fixed solely by relying on exercises. The purpose of the strengthening exercises is to make the indentation less noticeable. They … Read more

LaceIT Pectus Excavatum Brace Review

LaceIT pectus excavatum brace

LaceIT Pectus Excavatum Brace – Ultimate Review The LaceIT Pectus Excavatum Brace is a fantastic product designed to correct your sunken chest deformity. You’ll be amazed by the product’s excellent construction quality. The brace is designed to work upon Nicolas Andy’s and Julius Wolff’s scientific principles of bone remodeling. They concluded that bones could be remodeled … Read more

Fix Flared Ribs in 2022 – 7 Day Workout Plan, Braces & More

how my flared ribs looked like

Pectus Excavatum is the main cause of rib flare. It causes several ribs and the sternum to grow oddly. The problem is that it isn’t just the worsened physical appearance of the sufferer. It may also cause you some health, and appearance problems in the long run. You can improve protruding ribs through bracing, vacuum … Read more