Pectus Excavatum Success Story – 13 Valuable Lessons & More

Pectus Excavatum Story

PECTUS EXCAVATUM INTERVIEW WITH A PATIENT Today I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Edward Peterson. He has undergone a Nuss procedure and corrected his pectus excavatum deformity with it. Ed is just an actual guy that I personally know. Now he is living his sunken chest free life to the fullest. … Read more

Top 7 Causes of Pectus Excavatum – Is it Genetic? & More

What causes pectus excavatum? The specific cause of pectus excavatum is still unknown. It probably originates from a genetic defect that results in abnormal musculoskeletal growth. The cartilaginous part of the rib cage is possibly the main source of this strange growth pattern. Malformations of rib morphogenesis and development are the most likely causes of pectus … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Surgery – Cost For Adults, Risks, Before & After

Pectus Excavatum Surgery

Introduction to pectus excavatum surgery Pectus excavatum happens mainly in the early teenage years, mostly during times of quicker growth. Interestingly, it generally targets boys. Beside correcting heart and breathing problems, a pectus excavatum surgery might also be done for cosmetic issues — to regularize the appearance of the chest area. Most members of the … Read more

Pectus Excavatum Symptoms

Pectus Excavatum Symptoms Pectus excavatum symptoms can be classified into two categories. Psysical Psychological The physical signs are much more apparent. All you need to do is take your shirt off and look at the bone construction of your chest. That’s where you can see most of the physical indicators. These exist in every single … Read more