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​How to Correct Flared Ribs Without surgery

In most cases, the pectus excavatum condition comes along with flared ribs.

This combination makes the visual appearance of an individual, not so pleasant. 

Scientists have discovered that those who suffer from this disorder have far less self-confidence than others.

Many people that have flared ribs have a slumped over posture.

The ability to express yourself and have a standard set of social skills requires a strong, upright posture.

If you look at people during social interactions, you'll realize that those individuals who have rounded shoulders, hold their head down and can't maintain eye contact have trouble interacting with others.


The way you keep your body daily has a direct impact on your self-confidence.

If you want to achieve a proper posture, you shouldn't neglect your flared ribcage.

The ribs are a very underrated component in the development of proper posture.

Any disorder in this part of the skeletal system can cause pain in the shoulders, neck, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

Pectus Excavatum is the main cause of rib flaring.

This condition is not so rare, as it happens in about 1 in 300 people.

It causes several ribs and the sternum to grow oddly.

The outcome is a dent on the anterior wall of the chest and poor posture.

The problem is that it isn't just the worsened physical appearance of the sufferer.

If you don't treat the rib sticking out through stretching, exercising, bracing, or surgery, it may cause you some health problems in the long run. 

Luckily for you, you're in the right place. If you implement what you'll read in this article, correcting protruding ribs will be a pain-free process.

​Few Facts About the Rib Cage

woman with protruding ribcage

The rib cage plays a massive part in spinal stability.

The placement of the rib cage mostly determines the structural integrity (function) of the neck, shoulders, scapula, and lumbar spine.

Any rib or chest disorder causes multiple problems in the upper body movement patterns and the organs functioning.

Your shoulders won't be able to perform as there are supposed to, as other joints will do the work for them. This leads to irritating shoulder pain. 

On top of that, any rib or chest deformity isn't attractive when you take off your shirt at the pool party.

right ribs sticking out

Top 4 Most Common causes of Protruding Ribs

The protruding ribs condition can be caused by injury, genetic flaw, weak musculature, and scoliosis.

Most of these causes can be easily fixed by proper exercising, bracing, stretching, and deep breathing.

However, critical rib flare can only be corrected through surgery.

You probably don't have a severe flaring because that relates to consistent dizziness, shortness of breath, and chest or heartache. 

For now, let me discuss the most common rib flaring reasons in detail.





​Is Protruding Rib Cage on Left Side More Common?

soccer player with flared ribs

Most physiotherapists claim that left rib flaring is much more common than its right rib counterpart.

Ribcage that sticks out is associated with uneven shoulders.

If you have a protruding left rib, then your left shoulder is probably higher than the other.

This can cause painful nerve impingement.

That leads to numbness in the entire arm and shoulder in the long run.

Left side rib flare creates right lumbar rotation and compensatory left thoracic rotation.

In response to the thoracic rotation, the ribs will rotate externally giving you the flared ribs look. 

On the other hand, the ribs on the right side will rotate internally and give you a smoother rib cage.

This rotation generates an asymmetry of the diaphragm.

In some severe cases, this may press the heart inside, causing both chest and heart pain.

The degree of severity is different in most cases.

Thankfully, this is rare, but it shouldn’t go untreated.

It may get more severe with time if your posture gets worse or your surrounding muscles get weaker.

You may want to stop this from happening through the exercises and stretches I am about to present to you.

In 92% of the cases, it is correctable without painful and dangerous surgery.

However, we mustn't overlook that ribs that poke out is a bone deformity.

It is something that cannot be fixed overnight.

man with protruding ribcage

You need to stay consistent and dedicated if you want to get it repaired.

Don't get discouraged by individuals who claim that bones are entirely reliant on genetics and that they can't be reshaped or changed.

Bones are moved by muscles that hold them in place.

Correspondingly, the rib cage area is enormously flexible and can be changed through bracing and proper workouts that I am going to present you.

​My Devastating Protruding Ribs Experience

my rib flare transformation

Back in the days, I had a severely flared rib cage that was worsened by bad posture and weak back musculature.

I didn’t treat my pectus excavatum and rib flare, because I thought that it will get better by itself.

I neglected this nagging problem for years.

I tried to hide my flaring ribs by keeping my shirt, even on 100 Fahrenheit summer pool party days.

I was constantly asked by my friends and girls about why I had my shirt on.

I had a ritual to think of stupid excuses to say to them in order to earn their approval.

One day I got tired of my sticking out ribs as my anxiety increased, my posture degraded, and my confidence got shattered by the constant thoughts of what people think of me.

On top of that, I started to get some irritating chest and shoulder pains.

I felt awful about my rib flare, mainly because I believed that it was a very rare deformity.

I know how you feel deep inside because

I went through the exact same situation in all my teenage years.

I always felt embarrassed and got terrible social anxiety

Back in the days, the only thing that I could possibly do was go to the doctor.

Information on how to fix sticking out ribs without surgery was scarce, both in libraries and on the Internet.

I was very confused because of the lack of materials about the condition.

What made it worse was the seemingly non-interested doctor who told me that the only way to correct protruding ribcage is through a painful surgery costing $40 000 and took years to recover from.

Of course, I didn't want to pay that amount to get two heavy titanium bars placed under my sternum, for three long years! 

In addition, if I opted for the surgery, I couldn’t participate in any sports or do any activity that raises the heart rate to a certain extent.

This wasn’t what I was looking for!

I went to every single best pectus excavatum surgeon in my country.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a specialist that claimed that rib flaring could be fixed without surgery.

I was utterly excited about the news.

All my hard work to find a solution for rib flare without getting 2 titanium bars under my chest, finally paid off!

flared ribs improvement with building muscles

Notice how less noticeable my protruding ribs are, after I strengthened my core and overall body musculature.

After discussing the issue with my orthopedic surgeon, I was told to do the following things on a daily basis.

My rib flaring decreased to a big extent and my nagging chest pains went away, up to this day.

I could finally take off my shirt with confidence and have a comfortable interaction with everyone!

I am eager to share my experience and knowledge with you to help you repair your funnel chest and flared ribs abnormalities forever! You can see more photos of my pectus excavatum here.

​5 Best Rib Flare Posture Exercises You Must Do

bad posture worsens flared ribs

Improving your posture is a must when it comes to correcting the rib flare condition.

Doing that will not only fix it, but you’ll also regain the lost confidence in yourself that was causing you anxiety.

If you run a simple experiment of sticking your chest out during a daily basis, you’ll feel a boost of confidence.

Doing that for a prolonged period will have both physiological and physical benefits.

In most cases, patients with protruding ribs and pectus excavatum or carinatum have a very poor posture.

This is bad as it makes the appearance of their chest worse.

Besides that, if the posture gets worsened, the ribs will stick out more than before.

Most common symptoms of those who have rib flaring, tend to be tight and uneven chest muscles, fragile back musculature, forward slouching shoulders, a forward head posture, hole in chest and a belly that sticks out. 

Even if you have a mild spreading of the ribs, bad posture will make it appear a lot worse.

In the text that follows, I’ll list you 5 exercises that will improve your posture, while simultaneously reducing the sticking out of the ribs.

If you do these simple exercises on a daily basis, then you are on the right path to rib cage correction.

I will show you how to implement them in the 7 day workout plan, below.






​Buy a Rib Flare Brace

The simplest and guaranteed way you will improve your posture and correct your rib flaring is by investing in a Neo G Medical Grade Pectus Excavatum Brace

This, along with yoga, was the beginning that gave me hope in my battle with fixing the protruding ribs and pectus excavatum condition.

It was also one of the best decisions I've ever made, regarding my physical and overall health.

The main goal of using braces for rib protruding is to make your posture picture perfect, even while you’re not trying to. 

This will drastically improve your appearance, confidence, and basically take your whole life to a whole new level.


LaceIT PE Brace

The LaceIT Pectus Excavatum brace is the best solution for your rib flare deformity.

It has a special magnet technology that pulls your ribs and uneven chest to normal positioning.


Neo G Pectus Brace

I highly recommend you purchase the Neo G Pectus Excavatum brace.

It will help you get your lost confidence back, by improving your posture in just a couple of weeks.

If you have a poor posture and serious rib spreading, bracing will do wonders for you.

All you need is a little investment on your part.

Don’t be terrified!

This won’t break your bank! If you suffer from caved in chest and rib that poke out, purchasing a high-quality brace is the best investment you can do.

You won’t ever regret making this decision.

The only thing you’ll regret is when you realize that you should've invested in a rib flare brace years ago.

It doesn’t matter what the brace cost is.

As I stated before, rib flaring can get worse.

Ideally, you should buy one when your rib flaring isn’t that serious.

Don’t be one of those guys who spend a lot of money on stupid items, just to realize that buying a brace now is too late.


​Strengthen Your Core

The second key element for fixing rib flaring and pectus excavatum is developing a strong core.

There is a common misconception about core muscles and abs.

Most people with protruding ribs and intended chest search the Internet for a quick fix and only work the transverse abdominals muscles.

These are also known as six-pack abs.

That's the reason why they fail to fix the protruded ribcage.

There are much more muscles in the core, other than the abs.

In the text that follows, I’ll do a quick review of all muscles that make up the core.

If you strengthen them the right way, rib flaring won’t be noticeable.

You can also finally take off your shirt during social gatherings, with confidence.

People will be amazed by your physique because you improved your posture and strengthened the core musculature.

​Core Muscles Anatomy

The musculature in the core is a complex system of muscles which includes the transverse abdominals, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, spinal erectors, etc. 

If you focus only on your six-pack abs muscles, you will get a lot of imbalance.

You will also suffer from lower back pain because there will be not-so-great muscular development there.

The stability in your spinal area will get worse.

All this will worsen your rib flaring.

Developing your core musculature, as a whole, is a must when it comes to correcting this protrusion.

In the following text, I am going to show you how to simply and effectively strengthen your core musculature and fix your protruding ribs as a side-effect of pectus excavatum.

​Top 5 Core Exercises for Protruding Ribs





​Dead Bug

​Expand Your Chest Through Breathing

Deep abdominal breathing is an excellent way to increase your chest volume capacity.

Most people who suffer from pectus excavatum and rib flare, seem to have a very tight frontal musculature.

Rib flaring can cause trouble in your natural breathing patterns.

That is what is blocking you from the ability to have a deep and grounded breath.

I personally find breathing exercises to be an amazing way to correct my protruding ribs.

I am really surprised that no one is talking about this.

This is such a critical component in your existence as a human being.

I recently stumbled upon a fitness expert, who goes by the name of Elliott Hulse. ​

He is a huge believer in breaking down muscular tension in order to have a smooth, natural breath.

That is achieved by what he says, bioenergetics. Click below to see how to do bioenergetics.


7 Day Workout Plan to Repair Sticking Out Ribs

This workout plan was originally designed by a certified physiotherapist.

I followed this exact plan for 3 months, and saw an enormous improvement in my rib flare condition.

I am willing to share the exact plan, so you'll get a better perspective on what should be done on daily basis to repair the rib flaring.

I discussed every single exercise that is listed in this plan, and how they'll benefit you, in the text above.

The only exercise I added was the bioenergetics.

3 month workout plan to correct rib flare

The bioenergetics warm-up is extremely important for you to perform, because it will correct improper breathing patterns that are caused by pectus excavatum and ribs that protrude.

Shoulder dislocations will increase your shoulder mobility, and strengthen the muscles in the back that are required for an upright posture.

After the warm-up you'll be prepared to perform a set of core strengthening exercises.

These will build the deep abdominal musculature, which will help you with pulling the ribcage, back to it's normal positioning.

On top of that, you'll strengthen the upper abdominals and obliques, which will make the rib flare far less noticeable.

The final stage is the cool down. That is where you perform the best lat and pectoral stretches.

They are vital in correcting your posture and removing tightness.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, you should be performing yoga.

I find yoga to be the most beneficial way to fix your rib flaring, because it stabilizes the rib cage, improves breathing capacity, improves your posture and strengthens your core.

It is a mixture of everything you need to correct the rib flare condition.

Additionally, all you need is a yoga mat and a device that has access to YouTube.

​How to Deal with Rib Flare During Pregnancy

Ribs that poke out during pregnancy are more common than you think.

There is nothing to panic about, as the rib cage will get back to normal after birth.

Pregnancy causes a lot of change in woman bodies. 

As the uterus expands, it starts to press on the low coastal rib edges. 

The movement and growth of the fetus also increase the force to the rib cage.

The woman body fights this pressure with ribs expansion.

The rib flare may happen on both sides, but usually, it only affects the ribs on the right.

This condition occurs mainly during the third trimester.

It may seem frightening at first, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Most women look at rib flare throughout pregnancy as an appearance issue.

However, some may experience severe chest and rib pain on a daily basis.

If this happens, you should check the doctor and see whether Tietze syndrome or Pectus Exavatum play a part in this. 

For those who suffer from rib flare pain during pregnancy, I have a couple of tips for you.




​Is Rib Flare Dangerous?

As you may already know, protruding ribs aren’t very physically appealing.

However, I can list a few other things that may be bad for your well-being, if left untreated.

The most common problem that occurs because of moderate-to-severe rib protruding is improper breathing patterns, poor posture, and decrease of confidence.

However, these are just a few. There are lots of hidden problems that make rib flaring a dangerous condition.

If you don’t do anything about it, your life expectancy will be lowered. 

These secreted complications are the following:




To conclude, improper rib cage placing will be disastrous for your shoulders and lower back.

These are very delicate parts of the human body.

If they suffer from an injury, it can take forever to heal. 

Your breathing will never reach its potential.

Should I mention that your body will have trouble reaching a parasympathetic state

All of this is caused by flared ribs.

Please, don’t oversee these issues.

Don’t let protruding ribs destroy your potential as a complete human being.

​How Does Rib Flare Affect Breathing Patterns?

Proper breathing pattern is achieved by the proper working of the diaphragm muscle.

When you inhale, the diaphragm shrinks and provides more room for lung expansion.

While you’re doing some of the exercises above (the bioenergetics), surrounding stabilizing muscles work to increase the chest extension.

The main job of the neck muscles while breathing is to lift the ribcage, up above.

The issue here is that when you’re suffering from rib flare, your abdominal muscles are weak.

They need to pull the ribcage down while exhaling. 

However, muscular imbalance here causes improper breathing patterns.

If the neck muscles are stronger than your abs (which is true in most cases of pectus excavatum and sticking out ribs), then you may be able to inhale more air, but have trouble with exhaling it. 

Prolonged repetitions of false breathing pattern can lead to tons of muscular disproportions and issues, which is bad for your well-being.

That is why I find practicing proper breathing, through yoga and bioenergetics, to be a must when it comes to correcting rib flare and concave chest.

​Should I undergo Rib Flare Surgery?

Treatment of flared ribs can be done in two ways: Physical therapy or surgery.

The surgery is proven to drastically reduce the amount of flare.

It improves breathing problems or heart murmurs (unfamiliar noises heard between heartbeats) if no permanent damage has been done to the chest. 

People that have a very severe ribcage protruding are good applicants for a rib flare surgery.

In their cases, the benefits of pectus excavatum exercises, stretches and breathing can improve the condition, but to a certain extent. 

Rib flaring will still be visible, and if left untreated can lead to heart and respiratory problems.





Protruding Ribs Surgery Cost         

​Rib Flare Before and After Pictures

The rib flare before and after images I will share with you, represent hope, dedication, and resilience.

If you combine these three factors, then you’re ready to conquer the rib flaring condition as fast as humanly possible, without a surgery. 

They all used the tips I wrote in this article and worked hard to make them a part of their daily habit.

The result was a decrease in the amount of rib flare as it is seen in the pictures below.

I had an awesome time performing all awesome core exercises, stretches and deep breaths to fix my protruding ribs.

I want to thank Michael for sharing the greatest workout plan I've ever followed for my rib flare.

M. Fullen, Spire Night Club Houston

When I was a kid, I used to suffer from a slight rib protruding. Even though it wasn't anything too serious, I had awful confidence issues about my appearance.

3 months ago I stumbled upon your workout plan on how to correct rib protruding. After following it for 90-days, without any day off, my rib flaring is not longer noticeable.

F. Bianchi, Poste Italiane, Italy

flared ribs before and after

I never believed that Pectus Excavatum and flared ribs could be fixed through exercising and stretching.

Boy I was wrong! After discovering your website, and implementing your techniques, I gained all my lost confidence back!

J. Bailey, University of Texas at Austin

I really enjoyed following Michael's workout plans. The best thing about them is that you don't really need any fancy equipment to do them.

All you need is 30 minutes of your day. I highly recommend you try the 7 day workout plan if you struggle with rib flare!

F. Jaimes, Dive Bar, Sacramento CA

I first published this article in 2015.

Ever since then, I’ve received a lot of motivating messages on my e-mail and social media, on how I helped people with concave chest and flared ribs, fix their condition.

I asked whether I could share the images they sent me, in this article.

They pleasurably agreed with that.

This gave me hope to rewrite this article in detail and show you that this disorder can be fixed without undergoing an expensive and painful surgery for ribs that stick out

I listed a few other exercises and braces that people who corrected their rib flare used on daily basis to fix their conditions.

I personally suffered from flare ribs and did everything I could possibly do to reduce the amount of flare, so I could take off my shirt with confidence.

happy patient after correcting protruding ribs


As you can see, correcting rib flare isn’t as complicated as doctors make it be.

You don’t need any fancy gym equipment or advanced physical therapy.

All you need is a smart, cheap and straightforward investment that will cost you around $50.

If you perform these exercises for rib protruding on a daily basis, you will correct your flared ribs and sunken chest without undergoing surgery.

Undergoing a rib flare operation will cost you nearly $40 000 and two heavy titanium bars underneath your sternum.

I can say for a fact, that this isn’t pleasurable at all.

You will need at least 3 years to fully recover from this surgery.

It will feel like forever.

I consider myself lucky, to not follow the doctor’s advice and undergo surgery, without exploring all other options.

In addition, there are also noticeable psychological benefits that you’ll get, just by following these exercises. 

At first, obtaining a routine may be difficult, but all you have to do is perform these set of exercises even on the days that you don’t feel like doing them.

After 30 days, this will be a routine and you will feel more motivated than ever before in your process of repairing ribs that protrude.