How to Clean a Vacuum Bell in [2023]: What to Avoid & More

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To clean the vacuum bell, you need a soft cloth. You can moisten it with either pure water, soapy water, or alcohol.

Never use propanol or isopropanol. Propanol makes the vacuum bell’s polycarbonate window cloudy.

Before every use, visually inspect the vacuum bell to ensure it is properly clean and mechanically intact. 

Don’t Use Ordinary Disinfectants

Always be careful with ordinary disinfectants. Most of the time, they usually contain propanol. Therefore, they’re unsuitable.

A lightly moistened cloth with clean dishwashing soap is often more than enough. 

Don’t Soak in Liquid

While cleaning, please don’t soak the cloth in liquids. Make sure the rug is only slightly damp. Never expose it to running water.

The vacuum bell should always be held as dry as possible. That’s because the valves of the suction bell don’t tolerate water and will leak.

If the leaking valves break, you can always order replacement parts from the vacuum bell manufacturer

What to Moisten Cloth With

You can clean the vacuum bell with a soft cloth. Moisten this cloth with  

  • Clearwater
  • Soap-suds
  • Ethanol (also called “ethyl alcohol” or spirit of wine)  
  • 1-Propanol (also called propyl alcohol or propanol for short)  
  • 2-Propanol (also called “isopropyl alcohol” or isopropanol).

The Bottom Line

Keeping the vacuum bell clean is very important to keep foul odors away. Sometimes we forget to clean the vacuum bell.

Because you are supposed to wear it every day, it can collect a lot of bacteria. Luckily, cleaning is a straightforward process. It would be best if you cleaned it at least every month.

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