LaceIT pectus excavatum brace

LaceIT Pectus Excavatum Brace - Ultimate Review

The LaceIT Pectus Excavatum Brace is a fantastic product designed to correct your sunken chest deformity.

You’ll be amazed by the product’s excellent construction quality.  

The brace is designed to work upon Nicolas Andy’s and Julius Wolff’s scientific principles of bone remodeling.

They concluded that bones could be remodeled by bracing, if put under external pressure, for a prolonged period.

The LaceIT brace is the highest-end pectus excavatum brace in today’s market.

It yields amazing results. The brace is made by Advanced Orthotic Designs, which is a leading provider of orthoses to orthopedic specialists and patients.

This company specializes in providing high quality, customizable, and affordable braces that repair pectus excavatum.

The old posture brace that I purchased from the local orthopedic store started to rip my armpits, after one month of daily use.

This made me search for a new pectus excavatum brace.

After extensive research, I found out that the LaceIT brace is the best when it comes to correcting the concave chest deformity.

I bought this brace and started wearing it every single day, for six months. I’ve liked it so much that I decided to share my experience with you.

Two years after I purchased it, the LaceIT pectus excavatum brace is still better than every other corrective brace in 2019.

Products like the Neo G brace for correcting concave chest have straps over the shoulders.

This is very annoying and causes itching in the upper back area. 

That is why the LaceIT is the best brace for children with sunken chest appearance.

LaceIt Pectoralis Excavatum Brace Full Specifcations



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  • Adjustable straps let you adapt the brace to meet your requirements
  • The unique mesh foam material feels very natural on your skin
  • Comes in 6 different sizes
  • Circumferential airflow lowers sweating and keeps body temperature low
  • Fabric Fastening Closure makes it easy to put the brace on and off
  • Lightweight brace that won’t trouble you in your daily happenings
  • Bi-Pull Adjustable Closing Technology increases the external pressure
  • Feels very natural and can be worn underneath a shirt
  • Can be washed either by hand or machine
  • Cheaper than other pectus excavatum orthoses


  • You’ll have little red spots after you take it off
  • Feel quite uncomfortable while running


  • You’ll have little red spots after you take it off
  • Feel quite uncomfortable while running

BI-PULL Closing System Technology

Most of the pectus excavatum braces out on the market lack a proper fit.

The Bi-Pull closing system is not some elastic gimmick. 

The system allows every caved in chest sufferer to take control of their condition.

That’s thanks to the straps on the sides. 

It works just as good as custom orthoses.

The adjustable pressure will reshape your deformed anterior chest wall.

If you adjust the LaceIT brace to provide as much compression as you can handle, the process of repairing pectus excavatum will be faster.

The more pressure you apply, the better this pectoralis excavatum brace works.

Mesh Foam Design for Airflow and Comfort

The LaceIT brace is made of a soft material that doesn’t scratch or itch you when worn throughout the day.

When I wear it, I hardly ever feel that I am wearing a brace.

The unique mesh foam provides excellent airflow in all areas covered by the brace.

Other braces on the market are lacking in this department.

If you want faster results, I recommend you wear the brace for at least 10 hours a day.

Just as you’ve thought, that is a lot of time. 

However, it will help you get rid of heart problems, chest pain, and problems in later life.

That is a big enough reason for you to consider breathability before purchasing a brace.

The mesh foam design does just that. You won’t even feel that you are wearing the brace.

I wore the LaceIT pectus excavatum brace during the hottest summer days, underneath my shirt. ​

It isn’t a hindrance to your daily activities at all.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much of an airflow this brace provides.

It will become like a second skin, which is always a good thing to do when it comes to fixing funnel chest through bracing.

Fabric Fastening Closure Increases Convenience

There is a Fabric fastening closure on the front of the brace.

Its purpose is to make it very easy for you to put on or take off the brace.

This is extremely helpful because other pectus excavatum braces collect a lot of sweat and can’t be taken off quickly.

Some of them can only be put on like a t-shirt.

Putting these braces on is the easy part; however, taking them off is the hard part.

The LaceIT pectus excavatum brace doesn’t have this problem, thanks to the Fabric fastener closure in front.

How Does the LaceIT Brace Work?

The LaceIT brace works by pulling the flaring ribs back into your chest.

This forces the breastbone to make more space, progressively pushing out and reshaping with time.

It repairs not only your pectus excavatum condition but also your protruding ribs.

The LaceIT pectus excavatum brace works in the same fashion as the custom braces from Clinical Center “Orthopectus.” 

They build custom pectus excavatum and carinatum braces to put high amounts of pressure on your protruding ribs, causing the sternum to get back into correct positioning.

The Orthopectus braces put compression in one area of your upper body, leaving a vast itchy rash on the skin after the treatment.

However, the Orthopectus services and treatments in London or Brazil, last more than a year. They don’t sell these braces.

If you want to get these braces from Orthopectus, you’ll need to stay in London or Brazil medical centers for a year.

Also, that costs thousands of dollars, in comparison to the LaceIT brace.

I prefer the LaceIT brace over the Orthopectus custom braces because it evenly distributes the external pressure across your upper body. It feels much more natural and doesn’t cause skin rashes.

How to Put On The LaceIT Sunken Chest Brace


The LaceIT is designed to fit over your flared ribs and compress them.

You have to line it up along your spine and find where your rib flare is. After that, tightly put the two Velcro straps together.


Then, there are two straps, also known as the Bi-Pull Closing System Technology.

This is the best part because you can tighten the brace as much as you want to.

When you pull these two straps, the strings on the back of the brace tighten.

I advise you to tighten them as much as you can handle.

That will provide the most pressure on your flared ribs and a sunken chest.

The high external pressure will put the protruding ribs back into normal, in a quick time frame.


To finish, tighten the Bi-Pull straps on the Velcro in the front.

When you take a deep breath, you should feel how the protruding ribs push against the LaceIT brace.

That’s how you know that you put on the brace correctly.

How Does It Feel Like Wearing the Brace?

The LaceIT pectus excavatum brace one is by far the most comfortable braces on today’s market.

However, after wearing it for a few hours, you will want to take it off.

This will happen only during the first week. 

Your body isn’t used to the high amount of external pressure put on the abnormal bones.

Every time you put on a pectus excavatum brace, your ligaments, bones, tendons, and muscles will be forced to go in an unnatural pattern.

Your body is eventually going to rebel, causing you discomfort.

However, this brace is very adjustable. You can always increase or decrease the amount of compression it provides. 

During the first week of wear, I highly recommend you adjust the brace to put a slight amount of pressure.

Also, its flexible materials shape perfectly around your body. Wearing the brace on a daily basis feels exceptionally natural.

Can Kids Wear the LaceIT Pectus Brace?

The LaceIT brace comes in 6 different sizes.

This means that patients of all ages, weight ranges, and body shapes can wear this product.

I put the sizing table below.

Thanks to the broad spectrum of sizes, the LaceIT brace can be worn by children too.

All you need to do is measure the kid’s chest. Then, refer to the size table below accordingly.

For kids, the size will usually be Small or Medium.

My dad’s friend purchased the LaceIT brace for his son to repair his pectus excavatum deformity.

He said that the brace is extremely comfortable and helped his son.

In just three months of wearing it daily, his indented chest condition corrected by 70%, without an operation.

His son could slip it on and off by himself. The brace felt like a backpack and didn’t bother him.

The best thing about the LaceIT pectus excavatum brace for kids is that they can wear it underneath their shirts while playing sports.

The brace doesn’t restrict arm movement and will feel very natural to children.

Other braces for correcting concave chest have straps over the shoulders.

This is very annoying and causes itching in the upper back area. 

That is why the LaceIT is the best brace for children with sunken chest appearance.


The LaceIT pectus excavatum brace is my top choice for fixing this congenital deformity.

It is precisely designed to deal with this condition.

It is well made, durable, and most of the costumers that bought this product were delighted with their purchase.

I highly recommend it if you suffer from a mild to a severe case of pectus excavatum.

The LaceIT brace is also able to correct the most common symptom of pectus excavatum, and that is poor posture.

Both males and females can wear it.

The brace cost isn’t the cheapest, but I can guarantee that it works best when it comes to fixing the condition.

The quality is excellent and will last you a long time.

Aim to wear it for 10 hours every single day.

Make it a habit to put it on as soon as you wake up.

I recommend you wash it every week. If you don’t do that, it will collect a lot of bacteria and will smell bad.

It can be washed both by hand and in a machine.

Investing in the LaceIT pectus excavatum brace will be the best thing you can do if you want to repair the deformity non-surgically.

Combining it with pectus excavatum exercises and stretches and vacuum bell physical therapy will fix the deformity without undergoing a Nuss or Ravitch surgery, costing more than $40 000.