Neo G Dorsolumbar Support brace review

Neo G Dorsolumbar Support Brace - Ultimate Review

The Neo G Dorsolumbar Support brace improves poor posture, which is the most common pectus excavatum symptom.

This brace was recommended by a friend of mine who also used to suffer from the sunken chest deformity. I decided to give it a try. After wearing it for a couple of weeks, I noticed a significant advancement in my posture. I was no longer walking slumped over.

What’s most important is that my confidence improved drastically. Because of the successful results, I was extremely motivated to wear the Neo G Dorsolumbar Support brace all day long.

I even wore the brace while I was sleeping.

In three months, the hole in my chest was no longer noticeable. I also decreased my bad spine curvature.

In addition to wearing the Neo G pectus excavatum brace, I did a combination of exercises and stretches. That’s how great results in correcting sunken chest non-surgically are made.

The external pressure of the brace, placed on the flared ribs, can get them back to normal positioning. At the same time, the sternum (breastbone) is pulled out of the dent.

It is one of the most comfortable pectus excavatum braces I’ve ever worn, along with the LaceIT brace. Males and females can both use them.

The Neo G brace comes with flexible and rigid stays. That is very helpful. I don’t have to wear two separate braces at the same time anymore.

The Neo G Dorsolumbar Support brace addresses all my spinal and chest bone structure issues. It also provides excellent decompression of my lumbar vertebra while keeping my thoracic vertebra stable, and my shoulders back.

I recommend The Neo G brace to everybody who has problems and aches in multiple areas.

neo g great brace for pectus excavatum

Neo G Pectus Excavatum Brace Full Specifcations


neo g sunken chest brace

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  • Supports and lessens thoracic kyphosis
  • Helps put exterior compression on the abnormally-shaped protruding ribs
  • A multi-functional brace that treats pectus excavatum, lordosis and kyphosis
  • Helps with rounded or slumped shoulders and improves posture
  • Flexible and firm stays, provide adjustable back support to your desired level
  • Breathable material provides optimal airflow and minimizes sweating
  • Adjustable straps allow you to change the brace to your body shape flawlessly
  • Comfort arm pads for increased comfort and wearability
  • The slimline form of the brace can be worn under everyday clothes
  • Relieves pain associated with bad posture and pectoralis excavatum


  • Shoulder straps are too small. Always order one size up
  • Can be uncomfortable on the armpits and shoulders after wearing it for a long time
  • Makes it harder to breath while doing a physical activity with the brace on


  • Shoulder straps are too small. Always order one size up
  • Can be uncomfortable on the armpits and shoulders after wearing it for a long time
  • Makes it harder to breath while doing a physical activity with the brace on

Anatomical Design

The Neo G Dorsolumbar Support brace comes with an option of metal or plastic stays. The stays allow you to readjust the amount of flexibility, external pressure, or support you need.

While you’re wearing the Neo G brace, you become fully aware of your posture. You are becoming conscious about your body positioning, and you’ll feel unnatural when you curve your spine. It trains you to think about keeping your back straight.

The Neo G brace is easy to adjust, holds the back and shoulders in place, and makes you stand up straight naturally. It puts external pressure on the abnormal flared ribs, with hardly any effort on your part.

The anatomical design of the brace contours perfectly on your body. The shape of your body doesn’t matter. The brace will adjust accordingly.

It works based upon Nicolas Andy’s and Julius Wolff’s principles of bone remodeling. They concluded that every bone reshapes if put under external pressure. Those principles can treat the anterior chest wall deformities caused by pectus excavatum and carinatum.

You don’t need any surgical procedure at the hospital. Bracing works wonders when it comes to repairing the sunken chest deformity.

The Neo G brace is designed to work upon these scientific principles.

High-Quality Flexible Material

This is a high-quality posture support and pectus excavatum brace. It is very reasonably priced and affordable for anyone. Please don’t allow your posture to suffer and your caved in chest deformity to get worse, because you don’t want to pay around $60 for this brace.

Material quality for the Neo G pectus excavatum brace is fantastic. The fabric has perforations that provides airflow and prevents sweating. You don’t want to soak in sweat during the summertime heat, because your posture brace doesn’t provide airflow.

The flexible fabric contours perfectly around your body. That is thanks to the stretchy and breathable materials used.

The Neo G brace will fit anyone. This product also has A-grade durability and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. You should wash the easily washable fabric every week. I recommend you machine wash it with your other clothes.

Pain Relieving Back Brace

Pectus excavatum is a condition that causes chest and back pain. The pain is worse if the deformity is severe. Many sufferers from the concave chest deformity have trouble sleeping because of the aches.

The Neo G Dorsolumbar Support brace is medically developed to relieve these pains associated with pectus excavatum. Even if you don’t suffer from this deformity, it can help you with the muscle aches and spasms caused by bad posture.

It supports rounded shoulders and improves your posture. Also, you can reduce early thoracic kyphosis by forcing a correct positioning of the dorsal and lumbar spine.

I recommend you put on the Neo G brace as soon as you feel some pain in the upper body. You can also wear it during sleep. The external pressure put on the abnormal bones will help you correct the indented chest deformity faster.

How Does the Neo G Dorsolumbar Support Brace Feel Like?

Every time you put a posture brace on, you will feel a slight discomfort. Your body will feel strange. It will get pushed in an unnatural position.

The bones, tendons, and ligaments aren’t used to the new proper posture you’ll have while wearing braces.

Nevertheless, the Neo G Dorsolumbar Support brace is exceptionally comfortable to wear. I didn’t have the strange feeling I get with other lower quality braces. That’s mostly because of the soft cotton and elastane materials used for the Neo G brace.

However, feeling comfort while trying to correct pectus excavatum isn’t the best combination. I am a huge advocate to pull the fasteners as tight as you can, to provide the most compression to your protruding ribs.

That’s the fastest way to correct the concave chest condition. It will feel very uncomfortable at first, but that is something that you must experience while trying to repair the deformity with a non-surgical treatment.

I noticed a significant improvement in my posture after the first time I wore it. After taking it off, I felt much more powerful. I also felt a boost of confidence that I was previously lacking.

Make it a habit to wear it regularly so that the normal body positioning will be upright.

How to Apply the Neo G Brace


If you’re putting on the Neo G brace for adults by yourself, the best method is to put it on like a jacket. Grab the two primary Velcro fasteners on the front, pull them, and secure them into place.


Once snugly on, find the secondary fasteners and pull those around to the front. Adjust them correctly until you find the perfect fit. I recommend you adjust them tightly, so they compress the abnormal flared ribs.


The last thing is to take the long fasteners that are hanging freely on the backside. Take them behind you in a Criss cross-motion, securing them tightly on the front just like the other straps. These should sit right on top of the large front fasteners.

If done correctly, it should feel firm, but not restrictive. If it feels painful and extremely tight, take a moment to adjust it for optimal everyday comfort.

Always Order One Size Up

The Neo G Dorsolumbar Support brace is built amazingly but runs small.

Every single customer that purchased the product claims that the Neo G brace runs small.

That was the most common complaint about the product. In most cases, the shoulder straps were just too short.

I am 6’0 (1.83m) tall, weighing 160 lbs (73 kg.), and ordered the large size. However, it was too constricting to my body. The upper torso straps that go over the shoulders, and cross behind the back (before being fastened in the front) were way too short.

I returned the product and ordered the X-Large. The company took care of the shipping and sent me a new brace the same day I returned the brace.

The X-Large Neo G brace is fitting me perfectly. 

I advise you always to purchase one size up if you are looking to purchase this excellent brace.

Neo G Brace is Very Versatile

The beauty of the Neo G Dorsolumbar support is that it is built for multiple purposes.

Even though it helps in correcting pectus excavatum, it can also be used to treat other postural problems. 

I stumbled upon a customer that had Ankylosing Spondylitis with scoliosis, lordosis, pectus excavatum and kyphosis and Hyper-Mobility Syndrome with a Limbus Vertebra.

You don’t need to see a picture of the sufferer to understand how bad his posture was.
His spine was highly unstable and required back support.

If he didn’t purchase the Neo G Dorsolumbar support brace, then he couldn’t function normally in his daily activities.

He famously said that the Neo G posture brace brought him back to life. On top of that, the brace gave him a quarter of an inch to his height.


The Neo G pectus excavatum brace is a multi-functional brace. It works best for those who suffer from congenital mild pectus excavatum and have overall posture and spinal issues.

For best results, make sure to tighten up the fasteners as much as you can to provide enough external pressure to reshape the abnormal bones.

It may not feel very comfortable, but that’s the fastest way to fix funnel chest without operation.

Correcting the indented chest deformity without a Ravitch or Nuss procedure is far cheaper than undergoing these complicated operations that take forever to recover. Your body will suffer from the X-Ray radiology scans, causing you health complications.

The pectus bar removal also requires additional surgery.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK registered this brace as a Class 1 Medical Device. That says a lot about the quality of this postural brace.

Children can also use the Neo G brace. For kids, you should look out for sizes XS and S.

The product runs small, so I recommend you get an S for the children. They need to wear it for longer than a year, so during that period, they may grow a few inches. That’s a big enough reason to order one size up for the brace.

The Neo G posture brace is almost three times cheaper than the LaceIT pectoralis excavatum brace. If your budget is tight, the Neo G brace is the best solution.

However, if you have good finances and want to correct the pectus excavatum deformity without surgery, then the LaceIT brace is the best option.

The LaceIT brace is designed and built specifically to compress the abnormal areas in your chest that worsen the deformity. The Neo G brace serves more like a posture brace but is recommended by doctors worldwide to help in the repair of pectus excavatum.

At the end of the day, you won’t make a wrong decision if you choose to buy one brace over the other.