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A surgical stainless wire is used in the Nuss procedure for pectus excavatum to stabilize the pectus bar and ribs. However, wire breakage and related issues can be severe and are overlooked.

There are many benefits of Nuss surgery in patients with a severe type of deformity. With the Nuss procedure, the sternum becomes flattened. But the occasional Nuss incidents from the Nuss bar stand in the way of this operation's success.

The Nuss bar poking-out side effect

One of the issues some patients who undergo the Nuss procedure is the bar poking out on one side of the chest.

They all share that this issue occurs within the first year following surgery.

This occurrence leads me to believe the surgeons didn't carefully monitor their patients during recovery. They were moving too much or too intensely than what was advised to them. Of course, that does not automatically imply that it is the crucial reason for that occurrence.

There are many causes for such a side effect, one of which is the bar's loose attachment, which causes movement and protrusion to one side of the chest.

People's experiences with the Nuss bar poking out on one side

Some patients say that it sometimes isn't very noticeable. However, the feeling of discomfort and pain is still there.

Some end up in the hospital, where they remain for a few days until their condition improves and the bar is put back in the right place.

The bar is left looser since certain people can be allergic to metals. Many patients claim they experienced too much bar movement.

No Stabilizers

Patients without stabilizers sometimes have these symptoms, even in the first month following surgery. In these situations, some patients complain that they have also noticed that the height of the bar varies, being higher on one side and lower on the other.

However, despite the wide range of experiences, it is crucial to know that, if treated on time, this occurrence is not severe or life-threatening.

Patient Experience

Others have reported that the Nuss bar has shifted to the side and is now visible between the ribs. There is a slight bump, and the surgeon says it is the end of the bar.

That experience is uncomfortable, and the surgeon advises taking ibuprofen and skipping physical therapy for a week. That occurred around 11 weeks after surgery in this patient, and he believes it is because of asymmetry.

Other Patient

Patients reported some experience with a bar slightly protruding on one side on Reddit.

This patient was five months into treatment, yet the bar no longer bothered him. It had a strange appearance and could make one side's rib flare worse than the other. He said it would become less uncomfortable if you stopped touching it and let it alone.

Additionally, he says that if the surgeon said it was acceptable, you should be good if you don't feel like you're in danger of suffering severe damage.

One patient posted his experience online, claiming that his pectus excavatum doctor informed him that once a bar shifts to the side where it is sticking out between the ribs, it typically just gets worse.

Weird pain in the upper body

Some patients confess that they struggle to find their bar-moving pain precisely and are uncertain whether they are experiencing it. They claim to experience an odd muscle soreness over their entire upper body, including their chest.

Sometimes you will refer the pain to a different location than the actual ailment.

However, I couldn't speak to the pain because I had never had surgery. In these situations, I believe it is essential to see a doctor without allowing yourself to figure out what is causing it.

It is ideal to be cautious with even the most minor changes if you are recovering from surgery. Let the physician monitor your progress and know if you have any pain.

Bottom Line

You need to know that doctors can fix the issues with the Nuss bar poking on one side. Be cautious, be patient, and listen and observe your body to detect any changes.

Always seek medical professionals specializing in pectus Nuss bar placement for the best results.

You can also get a remote consultation with a facility that only performs Nuss bar procedures and is highly knowledgeable in that field.

Be extremely cautious when performing movements that could cause the bar to move. The bar can move until scar tissue is allowed to form around it, which helps it lock in place.

Follow the suggestions for the best and safe results, and do not be afraid of your post-surgical journey.

If you have had a similar or identical experience, please share it so that we have as much available and valuable information as possible to support one another. Thank you for reading!

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