4 Disadvantages of Vacuum Bell Over Surgery in [2023] + More

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A vacuum bell will bring a substantial improvement to your chest deformity. However, it has a few weaknesses to the Nuss procedure that are worth mentioning.

The most significant problems are that vacuum bell treatment can be:

  • Monotonous
  • A constant reminder that you have a chest deformity
  • Annoying
  • Uncomfortable


Applying the vacuum bell is very monotonous. The application is the same every time. After therapy, the sternum will stay flattened for a few hours, and after that, it will go back to its initial position.

It takes a few months until your chest remains permanently flattened. Nothing is exciting about applying the vacuum bell. However, this will teach you discipline.

Constant Reminder

With the vacuum bell, your funnel chest will never entirely disappear from your mind. You’ll be reminded that you have a chest abnormality daily.

After undergoing the Nuss procedure, your chest will be flattened, and you may even forget that you used to have a sunken chest after recovering. The next time you’ll be reminded is when you will need to remove the Nuss bar from your chest.

For example, if you wear the vacuum bell for an hour, you’ll be mentally busy on your indented chest for an hour. You’ll get impatient and always look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll wonder how much the sternum raised, how deep it will fall back, etc.

Your pectus excavatum will become a more substantial part of your life than it already is. That will last at least a year, depending on your deformity and how long it’ll take to correct.

Meditation Can Help

The psychological strain was the exact reason why I decided to meditate. I felt a significant mental and emotional release while meditating with the suction bell.

The purpose of meditation is to have an absence of thoughts. Make it a goal to release the thoughts and feelings of pectus excavatum.


When you are at home, applying the vacuum bell isn’t tricky. However, you’ll unavoidably get into situations where the suction bell is irritating.

However, you will get used to this feeling and experience it as a part of your daily life. The feeling of annoyance will slowly disappear.


Some vacuum bells have sharp silicone rims. That can be very uncomfortable on your skin. It can mess up your sleeping patterns at night if you decide to apply it at that time.

Choosing a high-quality vacuum bell from an established manufacturer is essential. Most people I’ve stumbled upon on pectus excavatum-related forums that built DIY vacuum bells complain about discomfort while applying it to their chest.

You can’t wear the device for long if it is uncomfortable. Because of that, the therapy can be unsuccessful. 

The Bottom Line

These disadvantages aren’t bad enough to convince you to opt for surgery instead. With time, you’ll get used to wearing the vacuum bell. During the first weeks, you’ll feel annoyed. But, with time, these feelings subside.

The advantages are enormous in comparison to the disadvantages. Please think for yourself and decide which treatment will work best for you. Thank you for reading!

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