famous people with pectus excavatum

27 Celebrities with pectus excavatum

In this article, you can see a list of 27 celebrities with pectus excavatum that aren’t ashamed of their body appearance. If you have sunken chest, make it a habit to observe how these famous people carry themselves in the world, despite their abnormalities.

Please watch the movies or sports games they play in. Peep how unbothered they are by their pectus excavatum, even though they show their condition to the whole world.

They possess a considerable portion of confidence that is unbreakable.

We live in a world where we idolize many celebrities.

Everybody has their favorite celeb, may be in movies, athletics, business, politics, etc. It is a known fact that they make an influence on people’s lives. Being motivated by their work ethic, talent, genuineness, and style is fantastic.

We either try to behave like them or are astonished by their appearances and everyday lives.

As strange as it seems, some of the most attractive Hollywood actors have flaws. It can be cellulite, stretch marks, skin disorders, acne, spider veins, etc.

On social media, you’re seeing the celebrities through the lens of Photoshop. This is where the problem occurs.

It is human nature to compare yourself with these celebrities that have a photo design crew working behind the curtains. Never let this make you believe that you’re anything less than them.

Learn to appreciate your beauty and flaws.

Hollywood Actors with Pectus Excavatum


Chris Evans

chris evans indented sternum

Christopher “Chris” Robert Evans (born June 13, 1981) is an American actor. He is most acknowledged for his superhero roles as the Marvel Comics characters Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four.

For Captain America, then 32-year-old Chris had to pack on 30 pounds of pure muscle mass. He worked out in the gym religiously for months, while following a high-protein diet.
He did all significant compound movements for his body like deadlifts, incline bench press, weighted dips, shoulder presses, deadlift, and pullups.

Each workout session lasted at least 2 hours until he destroyed his muscles down. After the workout, he would finish the course with core work.
On top of that, he did calisthenics and gymnastics.

If you see his muscular body nowadays, you won’t even notice that he had sunken chest back in his teenage years. This shows how much physical therapy can help you correct your caved in chest condition.

Click the following link if you want to learn more about Captain America's Training Plan.


Gerard Butler

gerard butler sunken chest

Gerard Butler is a Scottish actor, film producer, vocalist, and musician.
He started studying law but decided to quit and pursue a career in acting. I can tell it was all worth it.

Gerald gained popularity with his roles in movies Law Abiding Citizen, Shattered, The Ugly Truth, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, The Phantom of the Opera and 300.

For his role in movie 300, Gerald needed to get a Spartan physique. To become King Leonidas, he needed to live in the weight room for 4 months and perform intense workouts. He did a combination of Olympic lifts, strongmen training, and metabolic movements. His workout was designed by Mark Twight, who is a mountain climber who holds plenty of records.

Performing Gerald Butler’s workout plan for 300 will help you in correcting your sunken chest in the long run.

If you want to focus on fixing your concave chest, check out this 8-week pectus excavatum specific workout template I created, which yields impressive results.


Jeff Goldblum

jeff goldblum shows off sunken chest pose

Jeff Goldblum is an American actor, most acknowledged in some of the most revenue-generating movies of his era, Jurrasic Park, Independence Day and The Fly.

Nowadays, thanks to meme culture, Jeff has gone viral in the last couple of years. That's thanks to the scene where his character, Dr. Ian Malcolm, opened his shirt and leaned back, after the first attack.

I think the secret reason he did that was to show his body imperfections. As a child, he was insecure about his anterior chest wall deformity. In this scene, he conquered his fear, and that was revealing his flaws to the world.

Look how proudly he shows his pectus excavatum dent.


Bradley Cooper

bradley cooper concave chest

Bradley Cooper is an American actor and movie maker. His movies earned $11 billion globally, making him the world’s highest-paid actor for three years.

In his 20-year career, he was nominated for many awards, including seven Academy Awards, and a Tony Award. He won a Grammy Award and a British Academy Film Award.
Bradley has also made it in Forbes Celebrity 100 and made the Time’s list of 100 most influential people in 2015.

He starred in American Hustle, The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook, Limitless and American Sniper.

For his role in American Sniper, Bradley had to gain 40 pounds of pure muscle. His workouts were lasting 4 hours on average while being on 8000 calorie diet. Bradley performed heavy weightlifting, little cardio and sometimes worked out two times in a day.

Bradley has a slight case of pectus excavatum. In the pictures above, you can see how much his condition improved when he built upper body muscle mass. That was required for his role as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in American Sniper.

You can follow Bradley Cooper’s workout routine here.


Sylvester Stallone

sylvester stallone pectus excavatum

Sylvester Stallone really doesn’t require any introduction. He is an American actor, movie director, screenwriter and producer. In his 50-year career, he won 33 awards and was nominated for 68.

He is known as one of the hardest-working stars in Hollywood.
Stallone is the man behind Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. These two are the most recognizable icons in the history of movies.

If you look at his body, you’ll notice that he has pectus excavatum. That didn’t stop him from becoming one of the greatest action movie stars of all time.

There are lots of videos and articles that show Sylvester Stallone's dedication in the weight room. In the videos, he does all the most significant concave chest exercises you can do. That’s the reason why his chest cavity isn’t very noticeable.


Billy Zane

Billy Zane is an American actor and film producer. He is most recognized for playing a villainous role as Caledon Hockley in Titanic. He also acted in movies like Dead Calm, Twin Peaks and Back to the Future.

He was the star in the movie “The Phantom.” For that movie, Billy had to bulk up and get a personal trainer to achieve his desired physique to be able to play his role in the film.

Billy gained 15 lbs. of pure muscle, working out 3 hours a day, 6 times a week. He ate a lot of veggies, fish, and beans.

After he did that, his body appearance improved so much that his sunken chest was no longer apparent.

Billy Zane is another example of how adding muscle mass can correct the body construction of pectus excavatum sufferers. 


Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquín Rafael Phoenix (born Joaquín Rafael Bottom, October 28, 1974), previously known as Leaf Phoenix, is an American actor, producer, music video director, musician, and activist.

As an artist, Phoenix has been presented with a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and three Academy Award nominations.

See how many things can be accomplished even if you “suffer” from the pectus excavatum condition.

Joaquin made a career based on his looks, even though he has a sunken chest!


Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris (born June 15, 1973), is an American actor, movie producer, vocalist, comedian, illusionist, and TV host. He is known for playing Barney Stinson in the TV entertainment series How I Met Your Mother.

He is one of the most famous actors that suffer from pectus excavatum.

In a 2014 interview, Harris’ fiancé, David Burtka said that Neil’s skinniness gives him strength. For the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine in 2014, Neil decided to hit the weight room and add some muscle mass.

His body appearance improved so much that he acquired eight-pack abs. After the muscle gain, you can see how much his sunken chest condition improved.

This is additional proof that adding muscle mass is fantastic for improving the concave chest condition.


Steven Steve Oedekerk

Steven Steve Oedekerk is an American comedian, movie director, film editor, producer, actor, and scriptwriter. He is most recognized for working together with comedian Jim Carrey and film director Tom Shadyac.

He's written and directed movies that have generated up to $2 billion in the universal box office.

He is an Academy Award-nominated multi-hyphenate and has created an astonishing career, despite his concave chest condition. 


Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn is an American actor, mostly known by playing in “Stars Hollow.”

In “Stars Hollow,” he plays Kirk Gleason, who is an odd character, mostly known for his string of jobs/career paths, which change from episode to episode, and the exasperation he produces in diner-owner, Luke Danes.

A lot of people were questioning what was wrong with Kirk’s chest. Despite all that, he still managed to find his role in acting and make a very successful career.

If Sean had the confidence to show his body to the world, you can too!


Brendan Fraser

Brendan James Fraser is a famous American Canadian actor who suffers from the concave chest condition. He is most recognized by playing Rick O’Connell in The Mummy Trilogy.

He played George in George of the Jungle. I remember as I was laughing with my brother every time he crashed into a tree in that movie.

Brendan was a huge Hollywood star in the late ’90s. He brightened lots of childhoods, including mine, with his films. If you watched movies in the ’90s, you probably stumbled upon Brendan, as this was the prime of his career.

In most of the movies he was starring in, he didn’t have a shirt on. His indented chest didn’t stop him from having a fantastic career. Brendan’s muscular frame helped with making his hole in chest much less apparent. 


Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere chest deformity

Hayden Lesley Panettiere is an American actress, model, and vocalist. She is most known for being cheerleader Claire Bennett on sci-fi series Heroes. Hayden also played Juliette Barnes in Nashville.

She first appeared in a commercial at the age of 11 months.

In 2013 she underwent a breast augmentation plastic surgery to hide the dent made by pectus excavatum. Some Los Angeles plastic surgeons weren’t satisfied with the result and blamed the doctors who did her surgery.

They said that it was visible she has saline implants that are incredibly close to the cavity in her chest. This causes her pectus excavatum upper body deformity to be more prominent.

Hayden Panettiere’s unsuccessful breast surgery is just a reminder that you don’t need to hate the uniqueness of your body. Learn to live with your imperfections and even embrace them.

If you want to change the way your chest wall appearance looks because of the sunken chest condition, please consider concave chest brace and vacuum bell therapy.


Tori Spelling

tori spelling sunken chest

Tori Spelling is an American actress, TV personality, writer and cosmopolitan. She is mostly known by her primary role as Donna Martin, in Beverly Hills, 90210.

Tori is one of the most famous female actors with pectus excavatum. The dent showed in the picture above shows her unique looks.


Kirk Douglas

kirk douglas pectus excavatum

Kirk Douglas is an American actor and movie producer. He accomplished a lot in his 50+ year career. He is the father of Michael Douglas. His son received two Academy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Award, Cecil B. DeMille Award, and an AFI Life Achievement Award. 

Kirk’s most enormous hit was 1960’s movie, Spartacus. That’s the movie where you can see his pectoralis excavatum the clearest.

He also played in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The Bad and the Beautiful and Lust for Life.

As an actor who depended a lot on his appearance in movies, showing the caved-in chest to the world was inevitable. Despite showing his flaws, he had an incredibly successful career.


Joel Kinnaman

joel kinnaman body

Joel Kinnaman is a Swedish and American actor who became popular with the Swedish movie Easy Money and Johan Falk criminal series.

Internationally, he is best known for his roles as Detective Stephen Holder in AMC's The Killing. In the very first season of Altered Carbon, he played Takeshi Kovacs. In the U.S. version of House of Cards, he played Governor Will Conway.

For his roles in his movies, he needs to stay muscular and lean. He said that he followed a very clean diet to remain shredded. Joel is a huge fan of martial arts and boxing.

Click the following link to see Joel Kinnaman’s workout routine to achieve his physique and repair pectus excavatum.


Shun Oguri

shun oguri pectoralis excavatum

Shun Oguri (小栗 旬 Oguri Shun?, born December 26, 1982) is a Japanese actor, voice actor, and movie director. He is one of the most famous celebrities with pectus excavatum in Asia.

It is an exciting fact that pectus excavatum doesn’t often happen with the Asian race. I am pretty sure Shun is very proud of his unique condition.

The concave chest surgery cost for adults in Japan is free. There is a high chance that he doesn’t want to do it because he wants to stay unique. The severity of his pectus excavatum is mild, and it doesn’t cause him any heart and breathing problems.

He accepts himself for who he is, and people love him because of that.

Popular Musicians with sunken chest


Parker Cannon

parker cannon pectus excavatum

Parker Cannon is the lead singer of the American pop-punk band The Story So Far.
As you can see, he has a severe case of the concave chest. Honestly, that amount of dent is only correctable through a pectus excavatum procedure

Even though adding muscle mass will make the hole in his chest less noticeable, surgery is the best solution.

However, you can see how proudly he carries himself on stage. Millions of fans idolize him, despite his body appearance. 


Paula Abdul

paula abdul chest

Paula Julie Abdul (born June 19, 1962) is an American singer and songwriter, professional dancer, choreographer, actress, and TV personality. 

She was one of the original judges on TV series American Idol from 2002 to 2009 and has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

An interesting fact about Paula is that she survived a plane crash in 1993. That required 13 surgeries in hospitals all over the world on her spine.

Paula decided to undergo plastic surgery to correct the concave chest condition. She got breast implants which filled the hole caused by pectus excavatum. Nowadays, you can see that her sunken chest is non-existent.


Nick Lachey

Nicholas Scott “Nick” Lachey (born November 9, 1973) is an American singer, lyricist, actor, producer, and TV personality. 

He gained popularity as a lead vocalist of the multiple platinum-selling band 98 Degrees. After that, he starred in the reality series Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, with his now ex-wife, Jessica Simpson.

Nick built his career based upon his gorgeous appearance. The cool fact about him is that he accepted his concave chest. It didn’t stop him from reaching the heights of success.

His bulky and muscular body frame makes the concave chest less obvious. If he were skinny, the inverted chest condition would be so much clearer. 


Pauly D

pauly d pectus excavatum

Pauly D. is an American TV personality and a DJ. Most people recognize him as the housemate on MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore.

In 2011 he signed a three-album contract with G-Unit Records by 50 Cent.
DJ Pauly D. was nominated for the “America Best DJ” contest in 2010 and 2011.
In 2013 he was working in the studio with Big Sean, for his new album.

He is known as the Fittest DJ of 2012, despite his hereditary pectus excavatum condition. I think his condition is a huge motivation for him to build a party-proof body.

He works out 2 body parts a day and adds a little cardio at the end of his workouts. Outside the gym, he liked boxing because it worked out his entire body in the session.

Despite his party lifestyle, he still manages to take care of his body. Lots of sleepless nights, partying, really take a toll on his health and body. If DJ Pauly D has the time to exercise and eat clean with his party lifestyle, there is no excuse for you not to do that.

Professional Athletes with Concave Chest


Robert Drysdale

Robert Drysdale is an ultimate fighter that has a mild case of pectus excavatum deformity. The condition doesn’t stop him from being one of the greatest fighters the world has seen.
Imagine the amount of confidence this guy possesses!

A lot of people in the pectus excavatum community are motivated by Robert Drysdale.

Imagine how worse his body would look like if he didn’t have that amount of muscle mass in his upper body. Professional boxing requires a high amount of physical condition.

Recently, I read that Robert performs the bench press and dumbbell pullover to keep his body in top shape. If you don’t know yet, those two are some of the most excellent pectus excavatum bodybuilding exercises you can do to correct your condition.


Quinton Jackson

Quinton Jackson is a mixed material art fighter, actor and a former wrestler. Imagine the physicality required for these professions. He is one of the most motivating athletes with pectus excavatum.

The amount of muscle mass he has in the upper body makes his sunken chest much less noticeable.

Personally, I am a massive fan of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. He is a big believer in hard work and practices what he preaches.

His work ethic in the gym is what makes him one of the most physically dominant athletes sports have ever seen. Here is a video that shows how much work he puts in into his body. He performs a set of stretches, bodybuilding exercises, and even yoga to repair indented chest and prevent injuries.


Van Den Hoogenband

Pieter Cornelis Martijn van den Hoogenband (born 14 March 1978) was a Dutch swimmer and a triple Olympic winner. 

Look at his supreme confidence.

Swimming is a fantastic way to repair pectus excavatum. It is incredible for both physical and mental health. It works all muscles from head to toes. If you swim correctly, you will work 50 muscles at the same time. 

If you’re overweight, I recommend you try swimming because it puts less impact on your joints than running or cycling. Also, it is more affordable.


Steve Pfiester

steve pfiester chest deformity

Steve Pfiester is a famous bodybuilder with congenital pectus excavatum. He is also an actor in the TV show Fat March. 

A lot of people who suffer from concave chest look up to him. He is a great motivator and a person. I had a chance to meet him personally, and he shared some excellent pectus excavatum fitness tips with me.

Steve explained how well caved in chest focused workouts can improve your condition without undergoing surgery. He used to have a severe case of protruding ribs, because of weak core musculature. 

I really think that his abnormally sunken sternum (breastbone) can be returned to normal positioning by using a vacuum bell. It great in children and toddlers, but recent studies have proved how effective vacuum bell therapy is for adult patients.

He grew up as an overweight kid on a diet, who wore a shirt at the beach. As a personal trainer, he can relate to people with excessive weight, because he was born with pectus excavatum.

As he started working out, he saw a fantastic improvement in his lung capacity and heart health. On top of that, his self-confidence boosted to great heights.


Steve Reeves

steve reeves caved in chest

Steeve Reeves was an American pro bodybuilder, actor, and humanitarian. At the prime of his career, he was the highest-paid actor in Europe.

He was extremely famous in the 1950s where he starred in Italian made peplum movies. There, he was playing the well-built, muscular characters of Hercules, Sandokan, and Goliath.

Steeve is most known for his role where he played Hercules, even though he did that only two times.

He is probably the most famous bodybuilder with pectus excavatum that ever lived. He has every single symptom of pectus excavatum. His condition was mild, and he had flared ribs.

In an interview, he said that his concave chest was giving him social anxiety as a teenager. He wasn’t comfortable in his own body and decided to do everything he could to repair it. As you can see, he not only fixed his deformity but also became one of the most attractive men in his generation.

That’s how powerful participating in bodybuilding is if you suffer from the sunken chest condition.


Stanimal De Longeaux

Stan “Stanimal “ De Longeaux is a French-American bodybuilder who is an IFBB Pro and Classic Physique Competitor.

Back in the days, when he was a youngster, he was amazed by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique. Also, he always admired superheroes and muscular athletes. He started working out in his bedroom with a simple bench and a couple of dumbbells.

After that, he decided to join a gym and started to bulk up even more. His friends on Instagram encouraged him to start competing in bodybuilding contests.

The encouragement and body aesthetics motivated him to treat bodybuilding seriously and become one of the best weightlifters with pectus excavatum to this date.

People love him because he is open with sharing his philosophies and advice about bodybuilding with amateur lifters. You can check Stanimal’s full interview with Cyberflexing here.

He shares his opinion on which exercises are his favorites. Also, he talks about the process required to get a physique like his.

Not All Celebrities Are Perfect

Many of them decide to show their flaws. They even embrace their signature look.
If any of those celebrities with pectus excavatum were afraid to show their flaws and had no self-confidence, they wouldn’t be able to realize their full potential in their careers.  

Realizing your full human potential requires appreciating the imperfections you have. That’s the only way you can move freely in this world.

No matter how you look like, ordinary people will still judge your appearance.

Always look up to the celebs with concave chest confidence levels even when they are pictured naked.

If you’re suffering from confidence issues from pectus excavatum, I recommend you print and frame the pictures where they show their abnormalities, in your room.

In the very moment you become insecure about your body, take a look at these pictures. You can see their incredible confidence levels in their eyes.

Imagine how large their fanbase is and how many people see their “flawed” bodies daily.


Every person on this planet has unique looks and beauty. Don’t let other people tell you how a “normal” human body should look like. Never allow them to make you feel bad. You should develop this fearless attitude for yourself.

Let the pictures of the celebrities with pectus excavatum serve you as a tool for gaining self-confidence, and not feeling wrong about how the creator made your body to look like!