Are you ready to go on the journey that will get you rid of one of the biggest confidence killers, once and for all?



I am on a mission to lead you through the journey, make you enjoy and experience the beauty of it, and reach the
desired destination.

My name is Mihail Veleski, and I am going to take you on the amazing journey that will help you fix your pectus excavatum condition.

As a coach-in-training I am passionate about inspiring, and helping people who suffer from the pectus excavatum  condition. They believe it is a very rare deformity and is untreatable without a surgery, which is a sinister lie that kills confidence and happiness in many young people!

My Story

I had a severe case of pectus excavatum that was probably worsened by poor posture and weak back musculature. I felt really bad because I thought that pectus excavatum was a very rare condition. I know how you feel because I went through the exact same situation, and I always felt embarrassed about it. At the time the only thing that I thought I could do about pectus excavatum was go to the doctor, despite the huge fear.

I used to be just like you, a young man suffering from the “rare” condition called pectus excavatum. I had a severe case, with a huge fear to go to the doctor. However, I conquered that fear, and went to the doctor. After a short examination, he put in me even greater fear than before. 2015-07-18_1437249395He said that a surgery is a must, and it is the only way to fix the condition! The first thing he mentioned was the not so cheap price for the surgery, which was stunning 40 000$! After that I hoped for something motivating, helping me beat that fear that blasted me with just one sentence. The next thing he said was that if the surgery goes successful, two steel bars will be put in my chest, pulling out my sternum for TWO YEARS!

After a not so good trip to the doctor, I was mentally destroyed and desperate for a treatment that doesn’t require a surgery. Imediatelly after I went home I turned on my computer searching for inspiring stories of patients fixing their pectus excavatum condition without a surgery.
After searching and studying everything related to pectus excavatum, reading stories  from successful people that repaired pectus excavatum , I turned off the computer believing in myself that I will fix the condition, and I did!


I Practice What I Preach

I have been a lifelong exerciser. The last decade I have been into bodybuilding, yoga and pilates. I used various methods, and I fixed one of the most aesthetically unpleasing deformities called pectus excavatum in my early years. I am a vigorous advocate for making smart lifestyle choices as the primary means for achieving health. I believe that success–in most anything–comes from mastering the obvious. This is especially true in practicing medicine. I also believe there is a connection between the physical heart and the spiritual heart. In other words, being good-hearted is heart-healthy. 2014-08-30_1409395680

I am going to share you my journey on how I fixed the condition successfully, without a surgery, with pectus excavatum exercises, stretches, breathing techniques and bracing. I lived by the motto saying ,,Good things happen to those people who work hard”!

I believe that everyone of you can fix the condition through performing the right exercises, stretches and breathing, mixed with a bit of hard work.