who i am

My name is Mihail Veleski, and I am going to take you on an amazing journey that will help you fix your pectus excavatum deformity.

As a coach-in-training, I am passionate about inspiring and helping people who suffer from the pectus excavatum condition. Sufferers believe that the deformity is untreatable without surgery, which is a pernicious lie that kills confidence and happiness in many young people!

I am on a mission to lead you through the journey, make you enjoy the beauty of the ride, and reach the desired destination of fixing pectus excavatum.

I am on a mission to lead you through the journey, make you enjoy the beauty of the ride, and reach the desired destination of fixing pectus excavatum.


Pectus Excavatum Coach

I am a former sufferer from pectus excavatum.

My main purpose is to share my experience on how I repaired this deformity, without a surgery.

how the journey started

Back in the days, I had a severe case of pectus excavatum. The deformity was worsened by poor posture and weak back musculature. I felt terrible, mainly because other people had regular body appearances.

They could take off their shirts with a lot of confidence, not worrying what people might think about them. I thought pectus excavatum was an extremely rare condition. 

If you suffer from pectoralis excavatum, I know exactly how you feel. I went through the same condition, and I always felt embarrassed about it.

At that time, the only thing that came to my mind was to go to the doctor. I felt extremely stressed out. I read that pectus excavatum couldn't be corrected without surgery. I didn't want to get an operation. I became extremely fearful and anxious.

After thinking about it for a month, I conquered that fear and went to the doctor.

I used to be just like you, a young man suffering from the "rare" condition called pectus excavatum. My deformity was severe. 

pectus excavatum muscles

Doctor Appointment Left Me Devastated

After running a CT scan on my chest, it was calculated that my Haller Index was 2.9. It was considered a mild case, that needed a surgical repair.

The doctor put me in a bigger fear than before. He said that the only way I could correct the condition was through surgery. A bigger shock came right after the second sentence.

He mentioned that the pectus excavatum surgery price in North Macedonia was stunning $30 000, even with health insurance!

As a high school kid coming from an average income family, we couldn’t afford that type of money for a cosmetic surgery.

After that, I hoped the third sentence to be more motivating. I needed something to help me beat the fear that blasted me after the first two sentences. 

The next thing he said was that if the surgery (Nuss procedure) goes successful, two steel bars would be inserted in my chest. The bars would stay underneath my sternum for three years!

nothing could take my love for basketball away

During these three long years, my physical activities should be enormously limited. He told me that I couldn't participate in contact sports.

There would be an increased chance of bar dislocation, leading to heart or lung puncture. That would cause excessive pain and blood loss, leading to permanent damage to these vital organs.

First of all, I couldn't take basketball away from my life for three years. I was playing at a competitive level in the U18 North Macedonia Basketball League. Basketball was something that I based my life on. I met a lot of friends on the basketball playgrounds, and the sport helped me become a better version of myself.

The thought of organ rupture didn't even come to my mind. I was in love with basketball so much that I didn't consider the possibility of fatal blood loss.

Nothing could take my love from basketball away. I wouldn't let a dent in my chest take away my purpose in life.

After expressing my initial thoughts about the surgery and my love for basketball to the doctor, he felt sorry for me. He shrugged his shoulders and told me that there was another answer for my condition.

sentence that changed my life

The doctor told me that my pectus excavatum deformity could also be corrected through physical therapy.

However, he wasn't a huge believer in the effectiveness of that conservative method.

Right after that, there was an awkward silence, long enough for me to question my whole existence in this world.

After a not so pleasant trip to the doctor, I was mentally destroyed and desperate for a non-surgical treatment for my deformity

Web Surf That Gave Me Meaning To Life

As soon as I came home, I turned on my computer and typed in "how to fix pectus excavatum without a surgery." I was so hungry for non-surgical "cure" that I typed all of this in less than a second.

After typing on the keyboard loudly, a few inspiring posts showed up.  

These articles weren't anything special. They were just a few hundred-word articles, written on a free publishing platform.

However, I was so hungry for a solution to my condition. Stumbling upon these articles felt like finding a treasure in the desert.

I clicked on every single result in Google that was relevant to fixing pectus excavatum without surgery. I re-read these articles for three times and concluded that the sunken chest condition is correctable with physical therapy, braces, stretches, and deep breathing exercises.

After surfing the internet for 5 hours straight, I turned off the computer believing in myself that I will fix the deformity, and I did!

I performed everything that the authors of these articles told me to do. I even invented a couple of exercises that helped me pull out the sternum and build musculature in my chest muscles.

I also followed the workout routines of NBA stars like LeBron James, Chris Paul, and John Wall. The workout plans they did also helped me correct my deformity.

After searching and studying everything related to pectus excavatum, I printed out the stories of people who corrected their indented chests non-surgically. To remain motivated, I read these success stories every time before going to bed.

Reason Why I Started This Website

I decided to start this website to help people who are suffering from the psychologically taxing pectus excavatum deformity. Just a few years ago, I was a person that was shattered by the power of this condition.

This is also a website where I share my journey on living with pectus excavatum and protruding ribs, and how I fixed it.

I live by the motto:

"Good things happen to those people who work hard"

I believe that every single one of you can fix the condition through performing the right exercises, stretches and breathings, mixed with a bit of hard work.

Nowadays, my primary purpose in life is to help pectus excavatum sufferers fix the condition non-surgically.

There are lots of scientific articles proving that the sunken chest condition can be corrected without surgery.

Check out this website for a complete guide on how to do this. I hope you use my story as motivation.

I Practice What I Preach

I’ve always been a lifelong exerciser. When I was a youngster, I played a lot of soccer and basketball. That was something that kept me in shape. However, I always felt that pectus excavatum was limiting my physical capabilities in these sports.

My physical condition was always one step behind my competition, no matter how hard I practiced sports.

I figured out that playing these sports isn't enough to fix my caved in chest. However, playing sports from a young age helped me start doing workouts that helped me correct my concave chest. 

In the last four years, I fell in love with bodybuilding, yoga, and Pilates.

NBA stars like Lebron James, Kevin Love and Dwyane Wade were huge fans of these activities. Just before working out, I always watched their workout videos. That gave me additional motivation to execute my workouts.

Doing these activities on a daily basis helped me fix one of the most aesthetically unpleasing deformities called pectus excavatum. I did that in my teenage years, without surgery.

I am a vigorous advocate for making smart lifestyle choices as the primary means for attaining health. I also believe there is a connection between the physical heart and the spiritual heart. In other words, being good-hearted is heart-healthy.